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Victorian Jewelry

出版社 Ingram Publishers Services
商品描述 Victorian Jewelry:AnauthoritativeandgorgeouslyillustratedsurveyofVictorianjewelrythatfocuseson“secondary”jewelry,characterizedbybold,playful,romanticandmodern


內容簡介 An authoritative and gorgeously illustrated survey of Victorian jewelry that focuses on “secondary” jewelry, characterized by bold, playful, romantic and modern designs.The many styles of Victorian jewelry presented in this volume are selected from the best collections in the United States and abroad, and shown here in specially commissioned, exclusive color photographs. The photographs showcase the glorious color and style of the rich variety of materials, including Scottish Agate, malachite, and granite, the amazingly modern niello, and the stark black beauty of Whitby jet.For more than half a century, during the reign of Queen Victoria, England and Europe produced some of the most delightful flights of fancy that jewelry has ever taken. Long ignored because of the intrinsic worthlessness of its various materials, today these pieces are increasingly prized for their beauty and workmanship. Surprisingly, this period in jewelry–making did not follow the fussy, overly ornate style that characterized the Victorian era, but rather promoted bold, playful, romantic and “modern” styles. Some of the most unusual pieces were constructed with materials including hair, lava, coal iron, and aluminum. The text gives authoritative and fascinating historical context to the uses of these materials and designs. Many of the most sought–after pieces are made of silver, and popular designs include stars, anchors, hearts, bows and outstretched hands.


作者介紹 Ginny Reddington Dawes, formerly a singer with a rock and roll band, is an accomplished songwriter and the composer of many well–known advertising jingles.Corinne Alster Davidov is a painter whose works have been widely exhibited, here and abroad. Both authors are avid collectors of Victorian jewelry, and private dealers tuned into up–and–coming trends in collectibles. This is their second collaboration; their first was The Bakelite Jewelry Book, from Abbeville Press.


書名 / Victorian Jewelry
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簡介 / Victorian Jewelry:AnauthoritativeandgorgeouslyillustratedsurveyofVictorianjewelrythatfocuseson“secondary”jewelry,characterizedbybold,playful,romanticandmodern
出版社 / Ingram Publishers Services
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