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Business Ethics Now (5 Ed.)

作者 Andrew W. Ghillyer
出版社 華泰文化事業股份有限公司
商品描述 Business Ethics Now (5 Ed.):1.Application-basedtextthattakesthetheoryofbusinessethicsandappliesittotherealisticscenariosthatstudentsmayencounteratallstagesofth


內容簡介 1.Application-based text that takes the theory of business ethics and applies it to the realistic scenarios that students may encounter at all stages of their careers. 2.The framework is based on how we function when ethical challenges arrive in our "real" lives.


作者介紹 Andrew W. Ghillyer


產品目錄 PART I: DEFINING BUSINESS ETHICS Ch 1 Understanding Ethics Ch 2 Defining Business Ethics PART II: THE PRACTICE OF BUSINESS ETHICS Ch 3 Organizational Ethics Ch 4 Corporate Social Responsibility Ch 5 Corporate Governance Ch 6 The Role of Government Ch 7 Blowing the Whistle Ch 8 Ethics and Technology PART III: THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS ETHICS Ch 9 Ethics and Globalization Ch10 Making It Stick: Doing What's Right in a Competitive Market


書名 / Business Ethics Now (5 Ed.)
作者 / Andrew W. Ghillyer
簡介 / Business Ethics Now (5 Ed.):1.Application-basedtextthattakesthetheoryofbusinessethicsandappliesittotherealisticscenariosthatstudentsmayencounteratallstagesofth
出版社 / 華泰文化事業股份有限公司
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ISBN10 / 1259921689
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