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At the Sea

作者 Emma Giuliani
商品描述 At the Sea:漫步海邊海洋知識翻翻書女孩Plum和弟弟Robin在夏日漫步到海邊,尋找貝殼、植物、鳥類,很快就發現有更多令人好奇的東西。在港口看船、看海鳥觀賞了一會兒後,


內容簡介 漫步海邊 海洋知識翻翻書 女孩Plum和弟弟Robin在夏日漫步到海邊,尋找貝殼、植物、鳥類,很快就發現有更多令人好奇的東西。在港口看船、看海鳥觀賞了一會兒後,他們搭上船,經過一個海灣後,出現一座小島,他們登上島,攀上燈塔,四處探索,進行一場開心愉悅的海邊冒險。 在Plum和Robin的指導下,透過書中翻翻設計,孩子們將學習辨別海龜、沙丁魚和水母等海洋生物,看大魚吃小魚、港口邊彩色屋,認識共生機制、洋流、氣象預測,並知曉如何以安全、有趣和有教育意義的方式觀察海邊野生動物,更知道如何幫助海洋,以面對日益劇烈的氣象變遷。Go on an exciting adventure to the seashore, onto a boat, to an island, and beyond in this vibrantly illustrated, educational, and interactive lift-the-flap children's storybook. Plum and her little brother Robin take a stroll to the seashore on a warm summer day to discover seashells, plants, and birds, but they soon find much more to explore! After sightseeing at the port, where there are seagulls and boats in the harbor, they sail across the bay to an island where they visit a lighthouse. With Plum and Robin as guides, children will identify sea creatures like sea turtles, sardines, and jellyfish and learn how to observe beach wildlife in a safe, fun, and educational way. This colorful and entertaining exploration of the sea teaches children about a variety of ecological topics—and ways they can help reduce the impact of climate change on oceans today—in a fun and thoughtful way.


作者介紹 Emma GiulianiEmma Giuliani is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Vernouillet, just outside of Paris, France. She is the author of In the Garden (Spring 2020).


書名 / At the Sea
作者 / Emma Giuliani
簡介 / At the Sea:漫步海邊海洋知識翻翻書女孩Plum和弟弟Robin在夏日漫步到海邊,尋找貝殼、植物、鳥類,很快就發現有更多令人好奇的東西。在港口看船、看海鳥觀賞了一會兒後,
ISBN13 / 9781648961267
ISBN10 / 1648961266
EAN / 9781648961267
誠品26碼 / 2682371257009
頁數 / 16
注音版 /
裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 40X29X1CM
級別 / N:無
材質 /
適用年齡 / 8歲以上


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