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Napoleon: A Biography

作者 Frank McLynn
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Napoleon: A Biography:,Thisacclaimedbiographyofonehistory'sgreatfigures--called"monumental"(LibraryJournal),"brilliant"(Times,London)and"aroundedandpersuasive


內容簡介 This acclaimed biography of one history's great figures--called "monumental" (Library Journal), "brilliant" (Times, London) and "a rounded and persuasive portrait" (New York Times)--is now available in a new edition. Napoleon Bonaparte's character and achievements have always divided critics and commentators. In this compelling biography, Frank McLynn has drawn on exhaustive research and the most recent scholarship to throw a brilliant light on this most paradoxical of men--as military leader, lover, and emperor. Tracing Napoleon's extraordinary career, McLynn examines the Promethean legend from his Corsican roots, through the chaotic years of the French Revolution and his extraordinary military triumphs, to the coronation in 1804, his fateful decision in 1812 to add Russia to his seemingly endless conquests, and his ultimate defeat, imprisonment, and death on Saint Helena. Napoleon the man emerges as an even more fascinating character than previously imagined, and McLynn brilliantly reveals the extent to which he was both existential hero and plaything of Fate; mathematician and mystic; intellectual giant and moral pygmy; Great Man and deeply flawed human being.


作者介紹 Frank McLynn was educated at Oxford and the University of London. A full-time writer, he won the 1985 Cheltenham Prize for Literature for The Jacobite Army in England, and is the author of a number of acclaimed biographies, including Richard and John: Kings at War; Villa and Zapata; 1066; and Heroes & Villains.


書名 / Napoleon: A Biography
作者 / Frank McLynn
簡介 / Napoleon: A Biography:,Thisacclaimedbiographyofonehistory'sgreatfigures--called"monumental"(LibraryJournal),"brilliant"(Times,London)and"aroundedandpersuasive
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781951627546
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