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Concepts, Volume 1: Contemporary Oriental Medicine

作者 Leon I. Hammer
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Concepts, Volume 1: Contemporary Oriental Medicine:,:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由推廣閱讀出發,並透過線上網路,傳遞博雅的溫度,打造全新的文


作者介紹 Dr. Leon I. Hammer, M.D. has had a remarkable life and career. Born in 1924 in New York City, he served in the United States military during and after World War Two as a Navigator, Aerial Gunner, Captain and Physician. He attended Cornell University and Cornell Medical College, and went on to study at the William A. White Institute of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry.Until 1971, he practiced psychiatry and psychoanalysis, directed a child guidance clinic and Drug Abuse Councils on the Southeast Shore of Long Island, taught at Adelphi University, and was Psychiatric Consultant and Associate Professor at Southampton College in Southampton, New York.After working with Fritz Perls and Gestalt therapy for three years, and with Alexander Lowen and Bioenergetics over a period of eight years, he began a study of Chinese medicine in 1971. For the next three years, he studied in England with Dr. J.D. van Buren.In 1974, he began a twenty-seven year-long apprenticeship with Dr. John H.F. Shen, a Chinese Master in New York City. During this time, Dr. Hammer spent four months studying in Beijing, China. His time with Dr. Shen had a huge influence on his work, eventually leading him to develop what has become Contemporary Oriental Medicine.In 1975, Dr. Hammer achieved certification to practice acupuncture in New York State, and later also became a registered acupuncturist in Maryland, where he studied and taught at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute. In 1985 he was granted honorary 'Diplomate in Acupuncture' status by the NCCA.Dr. Hammer has practiced Chinese medicine since 1973, and has lectured and all over the world. He served as a member of the Commission for Evaluation of Acupuncture Schools, and was appointed a member of the National Blue Ribbon Committee for Initiation of the Herbal Examination. From 1991 through 1998, he was a member of the New York State Board of Acupuncture. In 2001, Dr. Hammer received an award as "Educator of the Year" for participation and contribution to excellence in education from the American Association of Oriental Medicine. In 2002, he received an award from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Foundation for "Building Bridges of Integration" between Oriental and Western medicines.In April 2001, Dr. Hammer helped found Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, Florida, and served as Chairman of the Board and as a faculty member. The school is distinguished not only by its strong focus on diagnosis, especially Contemporary Chinese pulse, but also by its Contemporary Oriental Medicine curriculum. The College is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and licensed by the state of Florida to grant Master's degrees in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.Dr. Hammer was first published on the subject of Chinese medicine in the American Journal of Acupuncture in 1980, and subsequently has written numerous articles on a range of subjects within the medical field. His first book, Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies (Eastland Press, 1990) was also translated and published in Germany and Spain, has become a classic in the field. His second book, Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, A Contemporary Approach (Eastland Press, 2001), has been described as a seminal work. In 2008 his third book was published: The Patient-Practitioner Relationship in Acupuncture (Thieme). He has written a compendium of the herbal formulae of Dr. John H.F. Shen (Thieme, 2012, with Hamilton Rotte), and in 2012 Eastland Press published Dr. Hammer's The Handbook of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis.He has a great love of nature and ecology, and a passion for ensuring that all creatures are treated with equal respect and compassion. Dr. Hammer greatly enjoys sailing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, and tennis, although sometimes he is happiest just sitting and watching the birds, trees and mountains from his window. He is married with children and grandchildren, and currently lives in Florida.


書名 / Concepts, Volume 1: Contemporary Oriental Medicine
作者 / Leon I. Hammer
簡介 / Concepts, Volume 1: Contemporary Oriental Medicine:,:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由推廣閱讀出發,並透過線上網路,傳遞博雅的溫度,打造全新的文
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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