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The Deacon's Guide

作者 William C. Morgan
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Deacon's Guide:,ThecallandroleoftheDeaconaremoreimportanttodaythanmanyrealize.ThecurrentdutiesandresponsibilitiesoftheDeaconaremorethanjustparticipatingin


內容簡介 The call and role of the Deacon are more important today than many realize. The current duties and responsibilities of the Deacon are more than just participating in devotion, taking care of Church business finances, or maintaining the upkeep of Church facilities and grounds. The pages of this inspired work are meant to assist and guide the Deacon in ministry. The first intent of The Deacon's Guide is to facilitate an encounter with God through the Holy Scriptures and then the pursuit of a servant's heart. I pray that God will use this work to lead the Deacon toward a closer walk with Him and assist the Deacon in being more like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The format is rich in outline and very accessible in nature. It offers a controlled guiding hand to those who want to search the Scriptures for a better understanding of the office, and practical duties of the Christian Deacon within the organized Church. The Deacon's Guide focuses on what God requires of the Deacon, as identified and supported in the Bible and not the author's personal commentary. Many of our congregations are suffering due to the lack of biblical leadership. Some congregants are leaving traditional denominations because their "Home Churches" are not addressing or training leadership to adequately handle the affairs of today's Church and her members. Pastors cannot handle every issue that confronts the Church alone, nor should they. Pastors have "Partners in Ministry," called Deacons.The Deacon's Guide focuses on the biblical role of the Deacon, with lessons such as "Deacons As Partners with the Pastor," "Deacons Meeting the Needs of the Church, "The Deacons Family Ministry Plan," and "Deacons Training New Deacons."This guide also highlights the importance of less talked about aspects of the Deacon's Ministry, such as "Deacons Caring for the Church's Widows," "Church Etiquette for Deacons," and "The Church's Deaconess Ministry. "The Deacon's Guide also includes "Special Topics and Contemporary Issues," with such topics as "Evangelism and Street Ministry", A Comparison: Baptist Deacons and A.M.E. Stewards," "The Pulpit," and "What Do Officers and Members Do When There Is No Pastor?" Each lesson in The Deacon's Guide provides an excellent template for classroom training and or use in sermon development. The Deacon's Guide is also written to aid young Pastors who perhaps have little or no experience with being co-laborers with Deacons. This will prove to be an invaluable guide for them. Finally, it is my hope that The Deacon's Guide will bring Glory to God and become a valuable resource in the pursuit of Christian Education and the equipping of God's people for service.--Dr. William C. Morgan, Author and Instructor


書名 / The Deacon's Guide
作者 / William C. Morgan
簡介 / The Deacon's Guide:,ThecallandroleoftheDeaconaremoreimportanttodaythanmanyrealize.ThecurrentdutiesandresponsibilitiesoftheDeaconaremorethanjustparticipatingin
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781735047102
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EAN / 9781735047102
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