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The Value of Money

作者 Benjamin Macalester, Jr. Anderson
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Value of Money:,BookExcerpt:,henceinvalidwhenappliedtomoney82-120Wieser'stheoryofvalueofmoney83-88Acircleinreasoning88-90Schumpeter'ssimilarcircle100ButSc


內容簡介 Book Excerpt: , hence invalid when applied to money 82-120Wieser's theory of value of money 83-88A circle in reasoning 88-90Schumpeter's similar circle 100But Schumpeter's general utility theory, though inapplicable to value of money, in form avoids a causal circle 90-98Schumpeter's conspectus; different from Böhm-Bawerk and most utility theorists 90-92, 113-120Defects and limitations of Schumpeter's general theory 90-98Schumpeter's substitutes for social value concept 98-99Von Mises sees circle of Wieser and Schumpeter 100Seeks to avoid it by construing utility theory as historical, instead of static, theory 101But this departs from fundamentals of utility theory; other difficulties 101-110Kinley's doctrine 110-111General criticism of utility theory 111-115Davenport, Wicksteed, Fisher, Perry 113-120PART II. THE QUANTITY THEORYCHAPTER VIRead More


書名 / The Value of Money
作者 / Benjamin Macalester, Jr. Anderson
簡介 / The Value of Money:,BookExcerpt:,henceinvalidwhenappliedtomoney82-120Wieser'stheoryofvalueofmoney83-88Acircleinreasoning88-90Schumpeter'ssimilarcircle100ButSc
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9798733880976
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EAN / 9798733880976
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