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Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy

作者 Michael King ; Yolande Green
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy:,Becauseofitsemphasisonfocusedbreathing,gentlestretching,andprecisetechnique,Pilatesisanidealexerciseprogramforexpectantmothers


內容簡介 Because of its emphasis on focused breathing, gentle stretching, and precise technique, Pilates is an ideal exercise program for expectant mothers. By following the clear explanations and photo sequences in this special lay-flat binding of Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy, readers will train and strengthen the body's core muscles -- without risking harm to mother or unborn child. Strengthening these muscle groups helps ease labor and aids in swift recovery after pregnancy. Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy uses original Pilates matwork techniques to create a program designed specifically for pregnant women. Appropriate for future mothers at all levels of proficiency, the book offers three versions of each Pilates movement: easy, for those with little exercise experience prior to pregnancy; moderate, for those who are fairly active; and challenging, for those who already practice Pilates.


作者介紹 The director of the Pilates Institute, Michael King lives in London.


書名 / Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy
作者 / Michael King ; Yolande Green
簡介 / Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy:,Becauseofitsemphasisonfocusedbreathing,gentlestretching,andprecisetechnique,Pilatesisanidealexerciseprogramforexpectantmothers
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781569753101
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EAN / 9781569753101
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