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Darker Than Amber

作者 John D. MacDonald
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Darker Than Amber:,Fromabelovedmasterofcrimefiction,DarkerThanAmberisoneofmanyclassicnovelsfeaturingTravisMcGee,thehard-boileddetectivewholivesonahouseboat.Af


內容簡介 From a beloved master of crime fiction, Darker Than Amber is one of many classic novels featuring Travis McGee, the hard-boiled detective who lives on a houseboat. A fishing trip is anything but relaxing when Travis McGee is involved. As McGee and his friend Meyer settle down to some midnight casting, a woman falls into the water from the bridge above them. Her name is Evangeline, and the hints she gives about the events leading to her near drowning suggest a less than pristine past. But McGee has saved her, and now he wants to see her make a new life--even if it means confronting a gang of murderers that makes his blood run cold. "John D. MacDonald is a shining example for all of us in his field."--Mary Higgins Clark Evangeline may be the intended target in a complex scheme, but she's no ordinary victim. Behind her darker than amber eyes is a woman who lures men onto her boat and robs them, throwing them overboard when she's done with them. And now she's enlisted the resistant Travis and Meyer to rescue her "savings" from her partners in crime. When Evangeline winds up dead, McGee and Meyer must get involved. But the stakes are high--and Evangeline may not be the only casualty of her cruel game. Features a new Introduction by Lee Child


作者介紹 John D. MacDonald was an American novelist and short-story writer. His works include the Travis McGee series and the novel The Executioners, which was adapted into the film Cape Fear. In 1962 MacDonald was named a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America; in 1980, he won a National Book Award. In print he delighted in smashing the bad guys, deflating the pompous, and exposing the venal. In life, he was a truly empathetic man; his friends, family, and colleagues found him to be loyal, generous, and practical. In business, he was fastidiously ethical. About being a writer, he once expressed with gleeful astonishment, "They pay me to do this! They don't realize, I would pay them." He spent the later part of his life in Florida with his wife and son. He died in 1986.


書名 / Darker Than Amber
作者 / John D. MacDonald
簡介 / Darker Than Amber:,Fromabelovedmasterofcrimefiction,DarkerThanAmberisoneofmanyclassicnovelsfeaturingTravisMcGee,thehard-boileddetectivewholivesonahouseboat.Af
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9780812983982
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EAN / 9780812983982
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