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作者 Corrinne Averiss
出版社 Quarto Publishing Group UK
商品描述 Love:,愛永不斷的線女孩Tess的家充滿愛—爸爸愛媽媽,媽媽愛爸爸。Tess愛爸爸、媽媽也愛弟弟Tom和狗狗Diggie。上學時,Tess在校門和媽媽分開時問:「我們不在一起時,愛


內容簡介 愛 永不斷的線 女孩Tess的家充滿愛—爸爸愛媽媽,媽媽愛爸爸。Tess愛爸爸、媽媽也愛弟弟Tom和狗狗Diggie。上學時,Tess在校門和媽媽分開時問:「我們不在一起時,愛,會不見嗎?」 媽媽說,愛就像一條線,有需要的時候就會出現。學校分組美勞活動,要合力將紙條捲一捲,做成一條龍。Tess和同組的男同學聊到媽媽說的,愛就像線的故事。男孩說,我也有一條線,通往天堂…是一條很長很長的線。而回家時,Tess發現愛之線好像斷了,怎麼辦呢? Funny, emotional and uplifting picture book about separation and love, to help children understand their emotions. Everyone loves everyone in Tess's house, but when Tess has to leave for school for the very first time, she is worried that her family's love might not stretch that far. Mum explains that love is like a string, it connects people together even when they are far away. At school Tess notices that all the children have strings! Some are new, some are old, some stretch a long way, and some even stretch right up into the sky. But what happens when a string breaks? Love is the third in a trio of feel-good picture books from author Corrinne Averiss (Joy (2018), Hope (2019)) - a pure delight from start to finish. A wonderful story that subtly tackles difficult topics of death, grief, separation and overcoming anxiety.


作者介紹 Corrinne Averiss Corrinne Averiss is the author of My Pet Star, winner of the Sainsbury's Children's Book of the Year, the Stockport Children's Book Awards and in over 450,000 homes as part of Booktrust's Pyjamarama campaign. Her first book, A Dot in the Snow, illustrated by Fiona Woodcock, was shortlisted for the CILIP Greenaway award, featured on CBeebies' Bedtime Stories and in The Sunday Times' Books of the Year. She is the author of Joy, Hope, Sorrel and the Sleepover, The Boy on the Bench and Floss the Playground Boss. She is drawn to themes of identity and belonging in her books and aims to deliver big feelings with humour and tenderness. Kirsti Beautyman Kirsti Beautyman works from her studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne, using a range of mediums to build layers of texture and detail which are combined digitally to create her illustrations. She finds inspiration within mundane observations and is often staring vacantly into the distance thinking up narratives and ideas. Kirsti won Picture Hooks Illustrator of the Year Award in 2017.


書名 / Love
作者 / Corrinne Averiss
簡介 / Love:,愛永不斷的線女孩Tess的家充滿愛—爸爸愛媽媽,媽媽愛爸爸。Tess愛爸爸、媽媽也愛弟弟Tom和狗狗Diggie。上學時,Tess在校門和媽媽分開時問:「我們不在一起時,愛
出版社 / Quarto Publishing Group UK
ISBN13 / 9780711255456
ISBN10 / 0711255458
EAN / 9780711255456
誠品26碼 / 2682021546002
尺寸 / 29.6X24.1X1.2CM
語言 / 英文
頁數 / 32
裝訂 / 精裝
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