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Boo! Scared You!

作者 Stephanie Babin
商品描述 Boo! Scared You!:,咘,嚇到你了厚紙板翻翻遊戲書對紫色恐龍吐吐舌頭,牠會怎樣呢?﹙翻頁﹚哇,牠超級超級生氣的,噴了猛烈的大火;給這個看起來兇巴巴的綠巨人搔搔癢吧


內容簡介 咘,嚇到你了厚紙板翻翻遊戲書對紫色恐龍吐吐舌頭,牠會怎樣呢?﹙翻頁﹚哇,牠超級超級生氣的,噴了猛烈的大火;給這個看起來兇巴巴的綠巨人搔搔癢吧,你敢嗎?好,試試看,﹙翻頁﹚,咯咯咯,他吱吱笑個不停,原來他超怕癢的啊。嚇到你了翻翻互動遊戲書,請讀者模擬吐舌頭、搔癢、大叫等動作,嚇一嚇書中的主角,小小調皮一下。共10個厚紙板互動頁。A joke book for very young children focusing on physical humor--it's sure to make them roll with laughterDiscover the frighteningly amusing adventure: Get ready to be scared Stick your tongue out at the dragon. Oh no, what will happen? Open the big flap...waah The dragon is breathing fire Tickle the mean looking ogre. Uh oh, will he get mad? Open the big flap...the ogre is laughing In this frighteningly funny book, kids are encouraged to be as brave as they can be to tickle, howl, or shout at fearful creatures--a different action on each spread--then lift the big flaps to reveal the surprising results- Features 10 big, scary flaps throughout that are easy for little fingers to manipulate- Bright illustrations add the perfect touch of whimsical magic- Durable hardcover design is ideal for travel and just the right size for little handsBoo Scared You encourages kids to be brave as they tickle, howl, or shout at fearful creatures and then giggle at the unexpected results- Interactive children's book- Books for 3-6 years old- Books for preschool and up


作者介紹 Vincent Mathy is an illustrator who studied sequential art at the Institut Saint Luc in Brussels. He has illustrated about 30 books for publishers all over the world as well as posters, stationery, T-shirts, and game packaging He lives in Liège, Belgium.


書名 / Boo! Scared You!
作者 / Stephanie Babin
簡介 / Boo! Scared You!:,咘,嚇到你了厚紙板翻翻遊戲書對紫色恐龍吐吐舌頭,牠會怎樣呢?﹙翻頁﹚哇,牠超級超級生氣的,噴了猛烈的大火;給這個看起來兇巴巴的綠巨人搔搔癢吧
ISBN13 / 9782408012816
ISBN10 / 2408012813
EAN / 9782408012816
誠品26碼 / 2681985868007
語言 / 英文
材質 /
尺寸 / 20.7X20.7X2CM
級別 /
頁數 / 22
裝訂 / 精裝