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A Bird Day

作者 Eva Lindström
出版社 Bounce Sales & Marketing Ltd.
商品描述 A Bird Day:Afunnyandwhimsicalpicturebookaboutanordinaryfamilyday,toldthroughabirdfamily,from2022AstridLindgrenMemorialAwardrecipientEvaLindström.“Washyourbeak


內容簡介 林格倫文學獎得獎作家伊娃.林斯楚作品平凡的每一天也全是幸福的一天「洗嘴巴,該吃午餐囉。今天一樣吃蒼蠅。」小鳥爸爸說。一吃完午餐,小鳥寶寶們就跑去玩耍,唱歌、捉蚊子、抓幼蟲、比腳的大小……這些是小鳥一家的平凡日常。作者以小鳥家族一天的生活寫照,類比人類生活的相似情景,幽默逗趣。玩味每個平常的瑣事細節,可以感受個中的微甜小確幸。瑞典繪本作家伊娃.林斯楚是瑞典最有影響力的童書作家之一,曾入圍國際安徒生大獎,2022年,在她70歲時獲頒林格倫文學獎。她的作品總是充滿童趣,同時融合智慧與幽默,展現人生哲學,值得細細品味。A funny and whimsical picture book about an ordinary family day, told through a bird family, from 2022 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award recipient Eva Lindström.“Wash your beaks, it’s time for lunch—flies again today,” says Dad.After lunch the young birds get sent off to play—they sing, hunt mosquitos, compare leg size and poke grubs. This is how birds spend a day.Eva Lindström reflects the familiar and the absurd in human behaviour through this funny bird family. We all recognise the family dynamics of bickering over fried mosquitos and worm pie—only the youngest is allowed to pick out the worms.Toddlers will recognise key moments in a perfectly down to earth day—play, mealtimes, stretching boundaries and sleep. With dry observations of human family behavior that adults will enjoy, this is a picture book to make all the family laugh and to read aloud together.Expressive faces, hilarious hairstyles, Dad’s great cooking and a sister and brother’s everyday conversation combine in a heartwarming and completely individual picture book from a unique artist with an international following.Translated from the Swedish edition by Julia Marshall.Other books from Eva Lindström:My Dog MouseEveryone Walks Away


作者介紹 Eva LindströmEva Lindström was awarded the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2022 and has been nominated once for the Hans Christian Award and eight times for the August Award which she won in 2013. She is a major influence on picture and comic book artists worldwide.


書名 / A Bird Day
作者 / Eva Lindström
簡介 / A Bird Day:Afunnyandwhimsicalpicturebookaboutanordinaryfamilyday,toldthroughabirdfamily,from2022AstridLindgrenMemorialAwardrecipientEvaLindström.“Washyourbeak
出版社 / Bounce Sales & Marketing Ltd.
ISBN13 / 9781776575275
ISBN10 / 177657527X
EAN / 9781776575275
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
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