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Otter: Best Cake Ever

作者 Sam Garton
商品描述 Otter: Best Cake Ever:,Onhernextadventure,Otter-theirrepressiblecharactersuretobeadoredbyfansofLlamaLlama-bakesadeliciouscakeforTeddy'sbirthday.Youngreaderswi


內容簡介 On her next adventure, Otter-the irrepressible character sure to be adored by fans of Llama Llama-bakes a delicious cake for Teddy's birthday. Young readers will delight in watching Otter messily go about the cake making process! Touching on themes of patience and impulse control, Otter: Best Cake Ever is as irresistible as a cake fresh from the oven. This My First I Can Read book is carefully crafted using basic language, word repetition, sight words, and sweet illustrations—which means it's perfect for shared reading with emergent readers. The active, engaging My First I Can Read stories have appealing plots and lovable characters, encouraging children to continue their reading journey. Read about more of Otter's adventures in I Am Otter, Otter in Space, Otter Goes to School, Otter Loves Halloween!, Otter Loves Easter!, Otter: Oh No, Bath Time!, Otter: The Best Job Ever!, Otter: Hello, Sea Friends!; Otter: Let's Go Swimming!; Otter: I Love Books, and Otter: What Pet is Best?


作者介紹 Sam Garton Sam Garton began writing and illustrating stories about Otter and her world on the blog "I Am Otter: The Unheard Ramblings of a Modern-Day Domestic Otter" in 2009. Sam lives in London. He met a real otter once. It bit him. You can visit Otter at


書名 / Otter: Best Cake Ever
作者 / Sam Garton
簡介 / Otter: Best Cake Ever:,Onhernextadventure,Otter-theirrepressiblecharactersuretobeadoredbyfansofLlamaLlama-bakesadeliciouscakeforTeddy'sbirthday.Youngreaderswi
ISBN13 / 9780062991201
ISBN10 / 0062991205
EAN / 9780062991201
誠品26碼 / 2682010326004
尺寸 / 22.9X15.2X1CM
語言 / 英文
級別 /
裝訂 / 平裝
頁數 / 32