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The House of Light

作者 Erik Dyar/ Peter Nosler
出版社 ORO editions
商品描述 The House of Light:美國建築師JohnThodos於90年代受託設計的獨棟起居建築,以大量玻璃帷幕與天井巧妙建構一幢隱密和空間感兼備、採光極美的玻璃屋。:誠品以「人文、藝術


內容簡介 美國建築師John Thodos於90年代受託設計的獨棟起居建築,以大量玻璃帷幕與天井巧妙建構一幢隱密和空間感兼備、採光極美的玻璃屋。In addition to an incredible collection of outstanding photographs of the House of Light, this book tells the story of how this project proceeded from spatial criteria to conceptual design and final realization. It also tells the story of how Peter and Kay Nosler progressed from a wonderful contemporized craftsman-style home that they built in the ’90s and moving forward to a notable contemporary design. As one writer about the house put it: “Label it magical.”Like many American cities residential neighborhoods are often encountered where there is house after house, new or old, that embodies very traditional design ideas. So, here is an example in a traditional neighborhood with small lots and a striking contemporary house appears. Of course some of the neighbors are aghast and others are delighted. And a movement has begun. In the multi-block neighborhood where the House of Light was the first there are now three more contemporary homes. Diversity is truly exciting."


作者介紹 Erik DyarErik Dyar is an award-winning architect, whose firm DYAR Architecture is based in Carmel, California. Raised in the Portland, Oregon area, he is a graduate of the University of Oregon and worked for many years as the principal associate of John H. Thodos, FAIA.Peter NoslerPeter Nosler is a builder of some notoriety. After fifteen years managing major commercial projects for a San Francisco Bay Area builder Peter and two friends set out to start their own company. Named after the three of them, Doug, Peter, and Ron, they became DPR Construction and in the next 25 years they grew to some 25 offices across the country with over 5,000 employees and an incredible number of raving fan clients.


書名 / The House of Light
作者 / Erik Dyar Peter Nosler
簡介 / The House of Light:美國建築師JohnThodos於90年代受託設計的獨棟起居建築,以大量玻璃帷幕與天井巧妙建構一幢隱密和空間感兼備、採光極美的玻璃屋。:誠品以「人文、藝術
出版社 / ORO editions
ISBN13 / 9781951541149
ISBN10 / 1951541146
EAN / 9781951541149
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頁數 / 168
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
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