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My First ABC

作者 Edward Underwood
商品描述 My First ABC:我的第一本ABC翻翻書厚紙板大開本,依字母順序排列。每一字母除了介紹單字,還有驚喜翻頁喔。A有apple蘋果、ant螞蟻,B有bike單車、bat蝙蝠,還有balloon氣


內容簡介 我的第一本ABC 翻翻書厚紙板大開本,依字母順序排列。每一字母除了介紹單字,還有驚喜翻頁喔。A 有apple蘋果、ant螞蟻,B有bike單車、bat蝙蝠,還有balloon氣球,氣球後面是什麼呢?提示:B開頭,會飛的﹙bird﹚;f 有fox狐狸、fish魚、flower花,花後方躲了什麼小動物?提示:綠色呱呱呱﹙frog﹚ …w有wolf狼、window窗戶,窗戶後有東西飛過,那是動物嗎,還是…人呢?提示:飛天,騎掃帚﹙witch﹚。和孩子共讀的大朋友也能搜尋腦海裡學過的單字,根據情境線索,猜猜想想。你答對了嗎? 由文具和家居用品設計師Edward Underwood設計插圖,明亮、充滿活力,是擴充詞彙的單字書,也是精美的禮物書。A beautiful, large-format gift board book with BIG flaps to lift and words to learn on every page.All toddlers and preschoolers will adore learning their letters as they search for objects, animals and people behind the shaped flaps, name what they can see and begin to learn the letter names and sounds of the alphabet.With a vibrant, sophisticated and distinctive design and beautiful illustrations from stationery and homeware designer Edward Underwood, this gift title is the perfect first words book for little ones.A brilliant tool for building vocabulary, exploring letters and sounds, stimulating speech and securing the foundations of reading, this delightful book is really just full of flaps and FUN!


作者介紹 Edward UnderwoodPrize-winning illustrator Edward Underwood is one half of the design duo that makes up Lisa Jones Studio. Edward and Lisa have been creating homewares and greetings cards together for twenty years and are known for their witty, graphic images. They live with their son in a converted mill on the edge of the South Downs.


書名 / My First ABC
作者 / Edward Underwood
簡介 / My First ABC:我的第一本ABC翻翻書厚紙板大開本,依字母順序排列。每一字母除了介紹單字,還有驚喜翻頁喔。A有apple蘋果、ant螞蟻,B有bike單車、bat蝙蝠,還有balloon氣
ISBN13 / 9781839945014
ISBN10 /
EAN / 9781839945014
誠品26碼 / 2682476331000
頁數 / 16
裝訂 / B:兒童厚紙板書
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 24.8 x 1.5 x 29.6 cm
級別 / N:無
材質 /
提供維修 /
警告內容 / 勿放入口中以免窒息
適用年齡 / 1-4歲


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