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The Morning Star

作者 Karl Ove Knausgaard
商品描述 The Morning Star:著名的《MyStruggle》系列作者的新作《TheMorningStar》是一部驚人、雄心勃勃且內容豐富的小說,講述了我們不了解的事物以及我們對世界的理解。Onelongn


內容簡介 著名的《My Struggle》系列作者的新作《The Morning Star》是一部驚人、雄心勃勃且內容豐富的小說,講述了我們不了解的事物以及我們對世界的理解。 8月的一個漫漫長夜,Arne、Tove 和他們的孩子住在挪威南部的別墅裡避暑;他們的朋友Egil在附近有自己的住所;Kathrine是一名牧師,她從一個聖經研討會飛回家並懷疑她的婚姻;記者 Jostein 晚上出去喝酒,而他的妻子 Turid 是精神病院的一名護士,當她的一個病人逃跑時,她正在值夜班。 當時,在天空中突然出現了一顆巨大的星辰,它帶來了一種神秘的不祥之感。 當九個生命在星空下匯聚一起,奇怪的事情開始發生, Arne 夜間開車時數百隻螃蟹聚集在路上;Jostein接到一個關於死亡金屬樂隊在撒旦儀式中被殘忍殺害的電話;Kathrine為她在機場遇到的一個男人舉行葬禮——但他真的死了嗎? 《The Morning Star》講述的是生活的平凡和戲劇性,瀰漫在我們世界的陌生感以及我們所有人的黑暗。 Karl Ove Knausgaard 用令人驚訝的新小說將自由和混亂的極限推向了極致,講述當無法理解的力量被釋放時,生者與死者的領域發生碰撞時會發生的事。 A major new work from the author of the renowned My Struggle series, The Morning Star is an astonishing, ambitious, and rich novel about what we don't understand, and our attempts to make sense of our world nonethelessOne long night in August, Arne and Tove are staying with their children in their summer house in southern Norway. Their friend Egil has his own place nearby. Kathrine, a priest, is flying home from a Bible seminar, questioning her marriage. Journalist Jostein is out drinking for the night, while his wife, Turid, a nurse at a psychiatric care unit, is on a nightshift when one of her patients escapes. Above them all, a huge star suddenly appears blazing in the sky. It brings with it a mysterious sense of foreboding. Strange things start to happen as nine lives come together under the star. Hundreds of crabs amass on the road as Arne drives at night; Jostein receives a call about a death metal band found brutally murdered in a Satanic ritual; Kathrine conducts a funeral service for a man she met at the airport - but is he actually dead? The Morning Star is about life in all its mundanity and drama, the strangeness that permeates our world, and the darkness in us all. Karl Ove Knausgaard's astonishing new novel, his first after the My Struggle cycle, goes to the utmost limits of freedom and chaos, to what happens when forces beyond our comprehension are unleashed, and the realms of the living and the dead collide.


作者介紹 Karl Ove Knausgaard Karl Ove Knausgaard's My Struggle cycle has been heralded as a masterpiece all over the world. From A Death in the Family to The End, the novels move through childhood into adulthood and, together, form an enthralling portrait of human life. Knausgaard has been awarded the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature, the Brage Prize and the Jerusalem Prize. His work, which also includes Out of the World, A Time for Everything and the Seasons Quartet, is published in thirty-five languages. Martin Aitken Martin Aitken's translations of Scandinavian literature number some 30 books. He was shortlisted for the International DUBLIN Literary Award in 2017, was a finalist at the US National Book Awards in 2018 and received the PEN America Translation Prize in 2019. He lives in Denmark.


書名 / The Morning Star
作者 / Karl Ove Knausgaard
簡介 / The Morning Star:著名的《MyStruggle》系列作者的新作《TheMorningStar》是一部驚人、雄心勃勃且內容豐富的小說,講述了我們不了解的事物以及我們對世界的理解。Onelongn
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