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Adventures on Trains Pack (4冊合售)

作者 M. G. Leonard/ Sam Sedgman
商品描述 Adventures on Trains Pack (4冊合售):11歲的Hal被要求和旅行作家叔叔一起搭高地獵鷹號皇家火車,他預期沒有手機、電玩的這趟旅行必定很無聊,但事實上,能搭上此列車的人


內容簡介 ★熱銷超過20萬冊!火車上的偵探 經典冒險系童書★榮獲STEM教育插圖獎展開一場神秘的精采冒險旅程!適合旅行、火車迷的繪本童書,跟著叔叔一起進行火車旅行,運用敏銳的觀察力與直覺,破解一個個刺激謎團!★適合8-12歲讀者 11歲的Hal 被要求和旅行作家叔叔一起搭高地獵鷹號皇家火車,他預期沒有手機、電玩的這趟旅行必定很無聊,但事實上,能搭上此列車的人都是有身分地位的。途中來了一位不應該是搭上此列車的女孩Lenny,Hal很快就和女孩成為朋友,無聊的旅程開始變得有趣。更有趣的是後來有皇室的王子公主上車,公主頸上的項鍊竟被狸貓換太子。懷疑指向偷渡的女孩Lenny,擁有敏銳觀察力和素描能力的Hal決定一查究竟。繼高地獵鷹號後,Hal又和叔叔搭上世界各地的火車一同探險,破解一樁樁案件。 Classic-feeling mystery adventure for travel lovers, train-enthusiasts, code breakers and thrill-seekers, perfect for readers 8-12.Almost 200k copies sold across the series so far.Award-winning illustrated fiction with STEM elements."


作者介紹 M. G. LeonardM. G. Leonard has made up stories since she was a girl, but back then adults called them lies or tall tales and she didn't write them down. As a grown up, her favourite things to create stories about are beetles, birds, and trains. Her books have been translated into over forty languages and won many awards. She is the vice president of the insect charity Buglife, and a founding author of Authors4Oceans. She lives in Brighton with her husband, two sons, a fat cat called Kasper, a dog called Nell, and a variety of exotic beetles.Sam SedgmanSam Sedgman is a bestselling author and presenter. Before writing stories for children, he worked as a playwright, journalist, and digital producer, and founded a company making murder mystery treasure hunts for adventurous Londoners. Written with his friend, M. G. Leonard, The Highland Falcon Thief was Sam's first book for young readers. A lifelong fan of puzzles, games, and detective fiction, he grew up with a railway at the bottom of his garden and has been mad about trains ever since. He lives in London.Elisa PaganelliElisa Paganelli was born in Modena (Italy) in 1985, and since childhood books have been her bestfriends.After completing artistic studies she made a career in advertising and has been the founder and owner of a small award winning design and trade business. She now lives and works in UK as a freelance Illustrator and Creative Designer, accompanied by her beloved pets.Elisa loves quietness, the wind and she truly feels home when in the wild nature.On her bedside table you'll find a pile of psychology books, and very often one of her cats.


書名 / Adventures on Trains Pack (4冊合售)
作者 / M. G. Leonard Sam Sedgman
簡介 / Adventures on Trains Pack (4冊合售):11歲的Hal被要求和旅行作家叔叔一起搭高地獵鷹號皇家火車,他預期沒有手機、電玩的這趟旅行必定很無聊,但事實上,能搭上此列車的人
ISBN13 / 9781035003228
ISBN10 / 1035003228
EAN / 9781035003228
誠品26碼 / 2682120958003
頁數 / 256
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裝訂 / P:平裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 19.6X13X10CM
級別 / N:無