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Starry Night, Blurry Dreams

作者 Henn Kim
商品描述 Starry Night, Blurry Dreams:【南韓藝術家HennKim圖文作品集】繪製暢銷小說《正常人》封面而備受矚目的藝術家HennKim即將出版個人圖文作品集《StarryNight,BlurryDreams


內容簡介 南韓藝術家 Henn Kim 圖文作品集繪製暢銷小說《正常人》封面而備受矚目的藝術家 Henn Kim 即將出版個人圖文作品集《Starry Night, Blurry Dreams》隨著Kim的黑白圖像詩作,緩緩的褪去每個人矯飾的外衣,直視我們最羞於承認的情感、最深切的想望、最無法言說的傷痛…… who are youwhen you're aloneStarry Night, Blurry Dreams is a collection of graphic poetry about loneliness, love and existing in our world.a heavy heart is hard to carryhold onWhen words aren't enough to describe our emotions, this book will offer comfort, joy and a friend in the dark.we all have our ownbeautiful universe【走進閱讀世界|迷誠品:專文推薦】標題|與最壞的自己和平共處。閉上眼前往《Starry Night, Blurry Dreams》探索悲傷宇宙撰文|Millie 米粒南韓藝術家 Henn Kim 腦海中的黑白畫面,讓心痛的感覺從紙上長了出來,卻能在觀者的不同故事裡面,茁壯成不一樣的形式,你是否也找到了那些,可以媲美你的悲傷又能一邊伴你化解它的地方?☞點此進入迷誠品閱讀文章"


作者介紹 Henn KimHenn Kim was born (1982) and raised in Ulsan, South Korea where she lived until she was 18. After moving to Seoul at 19, she focused on music and art, and often designed cover art for indie bands in Seoul. She worked at a design company as a graphic designer, but decided to follow her own path as an illustrator artist and has been following her dream since 2015. Since then, her work has been commissioned by the BBC, UNICEF, Nike, Bottega Veneta, Snapchat and TED, featured in GQ, The Big Issue, Vogue and on book covers, and exhibited in Hong Kong and Korea.


書名 / Starry Night, Blurry Dreams
作者 / Henn Kim
簡介 / Starry Night, Blurry Dreams:【南韓藝術家HennKim圖文作品集】繪製暢銷小說《正常人》封面而備受矚目的藝術家HennKim即將出版個人圖文作品集《StarryNight,BlurryDreams
ISBN13 / 9781526635600
ISBN10 / 1526635607
EAN / 9781526635600
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頁數 / 304
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語言 / 3:英文
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