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Baby Touch and Feel Mermaid

作者 DK
商品描述 Baby Touch and Feel Mermaid:,美人魚閃亮亮摸摸書淡紫色針織衫、珍珠皇冠、飄飄的紫羅蘭長髮、亮亮的魚鰭,可愛美麗的美人魚公主來囉。她駕著2「匹」有趣又健壯的「魚」


內容簡介 美人魚閃亮亮摸摸書 淡紫色針織衫、珍珠皇冠、飄飄的紫羅蘭長髮、亮亮的魚鰭,可愛美麗的美人魚公主來囉。她駕著2「匹」有趣又健壯的「魚」來囉—這魚的頭像馬,叫做海馬。抵達皇宮,美人魚搖著閃亮亮尾巴,左擺右擺,進入了珠光城堡。皇宮裡有海星和彩色條紋熱帶魚,歡迎美人魚回家喔!DK寶寶觸摸書,擁有一貫背景明亮乾淨的DK風格,用色柔和,書中有各式材質亮亮的、絨絨的材質讓寶寶有不同觸覺感受。 Dive into the magical sea and explore the enchanted world of mermaids! Prepare to be mer-mazed by shimmery, shiny mermaids, friendly sea creatures, and so much more. Hand over this enchanting touch and feel book and watch your little one's imagination head beneath the sea. There's a secret world at the bottom of the sea! This cute, sparkly, board book is the perfect choice for the very youngest mermaid fans. Let your little mermaid's imagination run free with this charming picture book. From a twinkling mermaid's tail, to a pearly underwater palace, to a sparkly seashell mirror. Baby Touch and Feel: Mermaidis perfect for sharing with babies and toddlers to encourage imaginative play and learning. This delightful book is packed with colourful characters and sparkly mermaid accessories that are embellished with touch and feel patches. These fun novelty textures will immediately intrigue your baby! It's perfect for little fingers to feel while encouraging sensory development and early reading skills. Let your child learn as they play in the magical underwater world. This small baby board book is a good size for little hands to hold and develops their fine motor skills. Babies and toddlers can turn the pages themselves, without any help from mom and dad! Filled with read-aloud rhymes designed to inspire pretend play and creativity, this is a wonderful book to read to your little one. Large labelled images encourage identification skills, build early language development and picture-and-word association. Touch and Learn From a bumpy seahorse to a sea king's soft beard, there are all sorts of textures for your baby to explore in this safe, sturdy activity book that promotes imaginary play and learning. Ready to make a splash on your bookshelf, it's the perfect first book for pre-schoolers. It also makes for an ideal baby gift. This baby book includes: - Different mermaid textures from a smooth, shiny dolphin, to a sparkly seashell mirror - Padded covers, simple images, and an easy to follow design - Easy to read text to encourage early reading skills and vocabulary building This delightful book is part of the Baby Touch and Feelrange of children's books from DK Books and includes titles such as Baby Touch and Feel Animals, Baby Touch and Feel Bedtime, Baby Touch and Feel Coloursand Shape and more for your little one to enjoy!


書名 / Baby Touch and Feel Mermaid
作者 / DK
簡介 / Baby Touch and Feel Mermaid:,美人魚閃亮亮摸摸書淡紫色針織衫、珍珠皇冠、飄飄的紫羅蘭長髮、亮亮的魚鰭,可愛美麗的美人魚公主來囉。她駕著2「匹」有趣又健壯的「魚」
ISBN13 / 9780241412305
ISBN10 / 0241412307
EAN / 9780241412305
誠品26碼 / 2681956575002
語言 / 英文
材質 / 紙 布
尺寸 / 13.7X13.8X2.4CM
級別 /
裝訂 / 兒童厚紙版書
頁數 / 14