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The Bench

作者 Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex
出版社 Penguin Random House LLC
商品描述 The Bench:,長椅英國梅根王妃的第一本童書藉由長椅,描述兒子和父親間溫暖互動。由《市場街的最後一站》凱迪克得獎畫家ChristianRobinson插畫,水彩風格,輕輕柔柔,拂進


內容簡介 長椅 英國梅根王妃的第一本童書 藉由長椅,描述兒子和父親間溫暖互動。由《市場街的最後一站》凱迪克得獎畫家Christian Robinson插畫,水彩風格,輕輕柔柔,拂進你我。 這是你專屬的長椅。我預見,你將會坐在這裡,看著孩子餵食可愛的小雞;在這裡,你將會為孩子讀上一本本的故事書。你會抱著孩子飛高高,也會摟著孩子,躺在這長椅,在涼風吹拂下,輕柔睡去。我更預見,你模仿孩子,父子倆都穿著蓬蓬裙,扶著長椅邊緣,練習伸展。我預見,你和孩子的愛,始於這裡。 This is your bench Where you’ll witness great joy. From here you will rest See the growth of our boy. In The Bench, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, touchingly captures the evolving and expanding relationship between father and son and reminds us of the many ways that love can take shape and be expressed in a modern family. Evoking a deep sense of warmth, connection, and compassion, The Duchess’s debut children’s book gives us a window into shared and enduring moments between a diverse group of fathers and sons—moments of peace and reflection, trust and belief, discovery and learning, and comfort and nurture. Working in watercolor for the first time, Caldecott-winning, bestselling illustrator Christian Robinson expands on his signature style to bring joy and softness to the pages, reflecting the beauty of a father’s love through a mother’s eyes. With a universal message, this thoughtful and heartwarming read-aloud is destined to be treasured by families for generations to come.


作者介紹 Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, is a mother, wife, feminist,and activist. Through the nonprofit work of the Archewell Foundation, she andher husband are committed to activating compassion in communities acrossthe world. She currently resides in her home state of California with her family,two dogs, and a growing flock of rescue chickens. Christian Robinson received a Caldecott Honor and a Coretta ScottKing Illustrator Honor for his art in Last Stop on Market Street. He is the author andillustrator of the picture books Another and You Matter, and he has illustrated manymore, including Milo Imagines the World, Carmela Full of Wishes, and the Gaston andFriends series.


書名 / The Bench
作者 / Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex
簡介 / The Bench:,長椅英國梅根王妃的第一本童書藉由長椅,描述兒子和父親間溫暖互動。由《市場街的最後一站》凱迪克得獎畫家ChristianRobinson插畫,水彩風格,輕輕柔柔,拂進
出版社 / Penguin Random House LLC
ISBN13 / 9780593434512
ISBN10 / 059343451X
EAN / 9780593434512
誠品26碼 / 2682014085006
尺寸 / 31.1X23.6X0.9CM
語言 / 英文
級別 /
頁數 / 40
裝訂 / 精裝