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Scottish Art

作者 Murdo Macdonald
商品描述 Scottish Art:WhatmakesScottishartScottish?Inthisnowclassictext,MurdoMacdonaldexploresthedistinctivecharacteristicsofScottishartoverthecenturies–suchastheherit


內容簡介 What makes Scottish art Scottish? In this now classic text, Murdo Macdonald explores the distinctive characteristics of Scottish art over the centuries - such as the heritage of Celtic design with its emphasis on intricate pattern; the importance of the landscape, particularly the Highlands and the sea; and a close connection with France. It ranges from the earliest art to survive - Neolithic standing stones - through the art of the Picts and Gaels, and the tumultuous centuries of the Reformation, to the great flowering of Scottish art in the Enlightenment. The final chapters focus closely on art produced since 1900, with succinct and revealing analyses of the Scottish Colourists and the major figures of contemporary art in all media. Masterpieces from the Book of Kells to paintings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Joan Eardley are illustrated in full colour, and such key works are set in a clearly explained historical context throughout. At a time when issues of Scottish identity are the subject of fierce debate, Macdonald’s lucid and deeply researched book makes a significant contribution to the understanding of Scotland’s artistic past and present.


作者介紹 Murdo Macdonald Murdo Macdonald is emeritus professor of the history of Scottish art at the University of Dundee. He was appointed an honorary member of the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture in 2009, and an honorary fellow of the Association for Scottish Literary Studies in 2016.


書名 / Scottish Art
作者 / Murdo Macdonald
簡介 / Scottish Art:WhatmakesScottishartScottish?Inthisnowclassictext,MurdoMacdonaldexploresthedistinctivecharacteristicsofScottishartoverthecenturies–suchastheherit
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