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A Town Called Solace

作者 Mary Lawson
商品描述 A Town Called Solace:【2021布克獎初選入圍】SetinthefrozennorthofCanadain1972,thisisabeautifulBookerPrizelonglistednovelaboutpainfulhistoriesthatneedreckoningwi


內容簡介 【2021布克獎初選入圍】《紐約時報》暢銷書作家瑪麗·勞森 (Mary Lawson)睽違十年重新挖掘「人類內心的荒野」 「小說巧妙地將三個人的人生階段結合在一起,每個人都因掙扎而有所失落。《一個叫安慰的小鎮》(暫譯)以優美的節奏及同理心,以及對小鎮生活的諷刺吸引著我們。」—(2021 布克獎評審委員)背景是1972 年加拿大的安大略省北部,住在小鎮裡的三個居民因命運和過去的錯誤,交織他們複雜的關係。時而扣人心弦,時而陰暗滑稽,承接著我們的悲傷、悔恨和愛的層次,同時也暗示了新生活的可能。從三個截然不同的觀點,敘述了三個故事:叛逆而負氣離家的十六歲少女,中年離婚又失業的男子,疑似涉嫌一樁犯罪案件。以及一名老太太,為何在她年老的盡頭仍對曾犯下的罪行念茲在茲,在臨終前,她又能做出什麼補償。絲絲入扣的敘述,交錯在令人難忘的角色之間。《一個叫安慰的小鎮》(A Town Called Solace )是瑪麗·勞森筆下一部精湛、懸疑、黑暗卻十分人性化的小說。Set in the frozen north of Canada in 1972, this is a beautiful Booker Prize longlisted novel about painful histories that need reckoning with and the moments in life when we can change for the better. 'I've been telling everyone I know about Mary Lawson . . . Each of her novels is just a marvel' ANNE TYLER Clara's sister is missing. Angry, rebellious Rose had a row with their mother, stormed out of the house and simply disappeared. Seven-year-old Clara, isolated by her distraught parents' efforts to protect her from the truth, is grief-stricken and bewildered. Liam Kane, newly divorced, newly unemployed, newly arrived in this small northern town, moves into the house next door, a house left to him by an old woman he can barely remember, and within hours gets a visit from the police. It seems he's suspected of a crime. At the end of her life Elizabeth Orchard is thinking about a crime too, one committed thirty years ago that had tragic consequences for two families and in particular for one small child. She desperately wants to make amends before she dies. Set in Northern Ontario in 1972, A Town Called Solace explores the relationships of these three people brought together by fate and the mistakes of the past. By turns gripping and darkly funny, it uncovers the layers of grief and remorse and love that connect us, but shows that sometimes a new life is possible.


作者介紹 Mary Lawson Mary Lawson's first novel, Crow Lake, was loved by critics and readers all over the world; it was translated into 25 languages and published in 28 countries. It was a New York Times bestseller, won the McKitterick Prize and spent 75 weeks on the bestseller lists in her native Canada. Her second novel, The Other Side of the Bridge, was longlisted for the Booker Prize and selected for the Richard & Judy Book Club. Road Ends, published in 2014, was described by the New York Times as ’tender and surprising... a vivid and evocative tale’. A Town Called Solace, published to critical acclaim in February 2021, was an instant bestseller in her native Canada. Mary came to England in the 1960s, and lives in Kingston-upon-Thames.


書名 / A Town Called Solace
作者 / Mary Lawson
簡介 / A Town Called Solace:【2021布克獎初選入圍】SetinthefrozennorthofCanadain1972,thisisabeautifulBookerPrizelonglistednovelaboutpainfulhistoriesthatneedreckoningwi
ISBN13 / 9781784743932
ISBN10 / 1784743933
EAN / 9781784743932
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語言 / 英文
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頁數 / 304
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