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Daughters of Sparta

作者 Claire Heywood
商品描述 Daughters of Sparta:AsprincessesofSparta,HelenandKlytemnestrahaveknownnothingbutluxuryandplenty.Withtheirhighbirthandunrivaledbeauty,theyaretheenvyofallofGreec


內容簡介 For millennia, men have told the legend of the woman whose face launched a thousand ships—but now it’s time to hear her side of the story. Daughters of Sparta is a tale of secrets, love, and tragedy from the women behind mythology’s most devastating war, the infamous Helen and her sister Klytemnestra.As princesses of Sparta, Helen and Klytemnestra have known nothing but luxury and plenty. With their high birth and unrivaled beauty, they are the envy of all of Greece. But such privilege comes at a cost. While still only girls, the sisters are separated and married to foreign kings of their father’s choosing—the powerful Agamemnon, and his brother Menelaos. Yet even as Queens, each is only expected to do two things: birth an heir and embody the meek, demure nature that is expected of women.But when the weight of their husbands’ neglect, cruelty, and ambition becomes too heavy to bear, Helen and Klytemnestra must push against the constraints of their society to carve new lives for themselves, and in doing so, make waves that will ripple throughout the next three thousand years.Daughters of Sparta is a vivid and illuminating reimagining of the Siege of Troy, told through the perspectives of two women whose voices have been ignored for far too long."


作者介紹 Claire HeywoodClaire Heywood is a scholar of the ancient world, with a bachelor's degree in Classical Civilization and a master's degree in Ancient Visual and Material Culture from the University of Warwick. Daughters of Sparta is her first novel.


書名 / Daughters of Sparta
作者 / Claire Heywood
簡介 / Daughters of Sparta:AsprincessesofSparta,HelenandKlytemnestrahaveknownnothingbutluxuryandplenty.Withtheirhighbirthandunrivaledbeauty,theyaretheenvyofallofGreec
ISBN13 / 9780593184370
ISBN10 / 0593184378
EAN / 9780593184370
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頁數 / 384
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裝訂 / P:平裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 21X14X2.5CM
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