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Into the Deep Sea

作者 Wolfgang Dreyer
商品描述 Into the Deep Sea:《窺看深海》讓你驚豔於海中世界的美麗享受視覺與心靈的豐富饗宴海面下存在著一個神秘且叫人驚嘆的世界,但是只有少數人可以一探究竟。這本書要讓你隨


內容簡介 《窺看深海》 讓你驚豔於海中世界的美麗 享受視覺與心靈的豐富饗宴 海面下存在著一個神秘且叫人驚嘆的世界,但是只有少數人可以一探究竟。這本書要讓你隨著潛水艇潛入深海,一窺海中世界奇觀!看看藍鯨、吸血鬼烏賊、凸齒魚和巨大海蜘蛛,認識生物發光現象、放射蟲和珊瑚礁。插畫家Annika Siems精確捕捉的海中生物樣貌生動到叫人屏息。德國海洋生物學家則以深入淺出的文字呈現出海洋世界的千變萬化及奧秘。這本充滿生命力的書是一場視覺與心靈的饗宴,帶我們見識這世界鮮為人知的美麗面貌。Immerse yourself in a strange and beautiful world as you journey from the beach to the depths of the ocean floor. Beneath the surface of the ocean lies a mysterious and astounding world that few people ever get to see. This book merges breathtaking art with the latest scientific research to take readers on a fantastic voyage on the submarine Marine Snow, where they meet blue whales, vampire squid, viper fish, and a giant sea spider. They'll learn about bioluminescence, Radiolaria, and coral reefs, discovering incredible facts about the marine world. Annika Siems's illustrations vibrate with color and detail, even as they convey the mystery of a place with scant natural light. From the smallest plankton magnified by thousands, to the most enormous whale, captured on a single page, the sea's denizens are recreated with spectacular precision and artistry. Marine biologist Wolfgang Dreyer's text brings the ocean to life--whether he's describing a transparent jellyfish or the way colors disappear from view as you descend to the ocean floor. A feast for the eye and the mind, this stunning book helps us comprehend a massive, mostly unfamiliar part of our world--one that flourishes with life and beauty.


作者介紹 WOLFGANG DREYER served as Director of the Zoological Museum at Kiel University in Germany for two decades. He has written nearly thirty books on marine biology. He lives in Kiel, Germany. ANNIKA SIEMS is an award-winning illustrator whose work is featured in numerous books for children and in exhibitions throughout the world. She lives in Hamburg, Germany.


書名 / Into the Deep Sea
作者 / Wolfgang Dreyer
簡介 / Into the Deep Sea:《窺看深海》讓你驚豔於海中世界的美麗享受視覺與心靈的豐富饗宴海面下存在著一個神秘且叫人驚嘆的世界,但是只有少數人可以一探究竟。這本書要讓你隨
ISBN13 / 9783791373904
ISBN10 / 3791373900
EAN / 9783791373904
誠品26碼 / 2682000860006
頁數 / 96
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 32X29X0CM
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