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booxi計算機造型筆記本Calculator Notebook

商品描述 booxi計算機造型筆記本Calculator Notebook:口袋系列筆記本Pocketnotebookseries我們知道各種尺寸造型的筆記本,你還是最盼望一本可以放進口袋、可以收進女孩小包包的筆記


內容簡介 口袋系列筆記本 Pocket notebook series 我們知道各種尺寸造型的筆記本,你還是最盼望一本可以放進口袋、可以收進女孩小包包的筆記本。是的,這是Pocket series notebook,以最適合的尺寸恰如其分的待在隨手隨身的位置,為您紀錄重要訊息。延續2.5D的黑色設計,透過日常觀察,匯集了10項生活中近似大小的隨見物件,成就口袋系列的10種物件造型,想像10種適合的筆記本主人,讓筆記本的選擇與個性更加貼切緊密。 Just as the name implies, Pocket series notebook perfectly fits in your pocket , allows you to write down important things at anytime and anywhere. Inspired by our everyday life, the new pocket series is themed with ten common objects in daily life. Choose one that fits your life the most and always bring it with you recording every moment worth cherishing. 每款造型筆記本內頁皆搭配直接聯想的插圖設計,在開始頁就傳達著關聯想像,內頁採以十字定位格式,可自由連線成橫線或方格格式,當然也可以自由串連成你創作的一個方式。 Each Pocket notebook is designed with different illustration as its page pattern. You can do the sketching, drawing, writing or anything you want on the Pocket notebook. Just let it record your life and enjoy your own moments. 計算機造型筆記本Calculator Notebook 加加減減、乘乘除除,動動手指便能算好惱人的數學答案,好喜歡計算機的發明。數字鍵、加減乘除鍵、取消鍵,早已經在腦海中占據了直覺位置,儘管盡情的想像自己是專業會計師,然後快速撥弄地撥弄鍵盤,算出一個滿意的答案吧。 Numbers, plus, minus, divide, multiply...These are only a few simple buttons but really do us a big favor. Thanks to the invention of calculators, all we need to do right now is to press these buttons and then have calculators give us a 100% correct answer. Let the calculator notebook create your own correct answers of life.材質:PVC paper產品重量:90g產品尺寸:12.5(L)*7(W)*1.2(H) cm


商品名 / booxi計算機造型筆記本Calculator Notebook
簡介 / booxi計算機造型筆記本Calculator Notebook:口袋系列筆記本Pocketnotebookseries我們知道各種尺寸造型的筆記本,你還是最盼望一本可以放進口袋、可以收進女孩小包包的筆記
誠品26碼 / 2681345391008
尺寸 / 12.5X7X1.2CM
材質 / PVC (聚氯乙烯) 紙
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