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內容簡介 2019 holiday EP release. Alt-country trio Puss N Boots return with a holiday EP featuring "Christmas All Over Again." Comprised of acclaimed singer songwriter Norah Jones on guitar, singer bassist Catherine Popper and singer guitarist Sasha Dobson. Puss N Boots first formed in 2008 as a live band performing around Brooklyn venues. After years of live performances, the trio decided to make a full-length album which resulted in their Blue Note Records debut No Fools, No Fun.

Dear Santa…:2019holidayEPrelease.Alt-countrytrioPussNBootsreturnwithaholidayEPfeaturing"ChristmasAllOverAgain."Comprisedofacclaimedsinger/songwriterNorahJones

書名 / Dear Santa…
簡介 / Dear Santa…:2019holidayEPrelease.Alt-countrytrioPussNBootsreturnwithaholidayEPfeaturing"ChristmasAllOverAgain."Comprisedofacclaimedsinger songwriterNorahJones
作者 / Puss N Boots (美聲三嬌客)
出版社 / 環球國際唱片股份有限公司
誠品26碼 / 2681847679000
ISBN13 / 0602508309656
ISBN10 / 2508309656
EAN / 0602508309656
尺寸 / 32X32X0.3CM
類別 / 節慶
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語言 / 英文