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內容簡介 可愛的恐龍與超Q史前生物大全 數數書不只數數,還訓練觀察、歸納、邏輯思考這本插畫畫風可愛討喜的硬頁書中,收錄七種主題的恐龍,從大恐龍、小恐龍、有尖刺的龍、和有鱗片的龍等等,每個跨頁設計有讓孩子找找看、數數看的小提示,讓孩子愉快地徜徉恐龍世界,鍛鍊數字與觀察能力,增進字彙能力。本書同時充滿趣味小細節,將使小讀者興味盎然、埋頭閱讀。另外,每一頁都有一個不屬於該頁主題的恐龍,請小讀者找出來,同時訓練歸納思考能力。本書的側邊還設計有主題頁籤,讓孩子可以隨意翻到自己感興趣的恐龍閱讀。There are big dinosaurs, little dinosaurs, spiky ones and scaly ones, and all kinds of funny prehistoric beasts to discover stomping across the pages of this awesome counting book! Every page is packed with creatures to look for, find, and count, along with fun, odd-one-out pictures to spot, too. Organized into seven themed collections, the sturdy picture tabs make it easy for young dino fans to turn to their favorite page.


作者介紹 About the AuthorRoger Priddy's passion for educating children through fun, informative and engaging books has led him to create some of publishing's most enduring and successful nonfiction early learning books. Roger lives in London and has three children, who have been the inspiration behind many of his best publishing ideas.

Counting Collection: Counting Dinosaurs:可愛的恐龍與超Q史前生物大全數數書不只數數,還訓練觀察、歸納、邏輯思考這本插畫畫風可愛討喜的硬頁書中,收錄七種主題的恐龍

書名 / Counting Collection: Counting Dinosaurs
簡介 / Counting Collection: Counting Dinosaurs:可愛的恐龍與超Q史前生物大全數數書不只數數,還訓練觀察、歸納、邏輯思考這本插畫畫風可愛討喜的硬頁書中,收錄七種主題的恐龍
作者 / Roger Priddy
出版社 / Priddy Books US
誠品26碼 / 2681471741005
ISBN13 / 9780312521974
ISBN10 / 0312521979
EAN / 9780312521974
裝訂 / 兒童厚紙版書
頁數 / 16
語言 / 英文
級別 /
尺寸 / 23.5X21CM