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Monkey Music Magic Sounds (+CD)

作者 Angie Coates
商品描述 Monkey Music Magic Sounds (+CD):小小猴咿咿啊啊動動跳跳快樂音樂課小猴兒Mo和Monkey大力揮揮手說哈囉,因為他們想和你當朋友喔!一起用歌聲、舞蹈加入牠們吧。歌詞簡單


內容簡介 小小猴 咿咿啊啊 動動跳跳 快樂音樂課 小猴兒Mo和Monkey大力揮揮手說哈囉,因為他們想和你當朋友喔!一起用歌聲、舞蹈加入牠們吧。 歌詞簡單,並有大量動作:拍手、手舉高,碰身體部位、看一看、眨眼、扭一扭…等,大人帶著小朋友,跟著歌詞提示做動作,又唱又跳,小孩很愛喔!另有互動點子喔。本書作者Angie Coates是音樂家,也是老師。Angie在1993年成立Monkey Music,她發展一系列音樂課程,期望學齡前孩子在音樂的陪伴下,快樂成長。在英國,每週超過1萬個家庭參與課程。嫁給電視製作人,育有5個小孩。Let loveable characters Monkey and Mo take you on a musical journey, singing, dancing and playing all kinds of instruments as they share the joy of music in Monkey Music Magic Sounds.Music is a fundamental part of pre-school children's development, helping them to enjoy socialising, learning and playing. Based on the award-winning Monkey Music classes and featuring the much-loved illustrations of Emily Bolam, this series encourages children to begin their own lifetime love of music and boosts their educational and emotional growth.The CD includes 20 fantastic sing-along songs that can be enjoyed on their own, on the go or alongside the book which also offers tips for getting the most out of each song.


作者介紹 About the AuthorAngie Coates founded the first Monkey Music class in 1993. As a musician and teacher, Angie knew that early exposure to music was beneficial for young children and so she developed a musical curriculum to stimulate early learning and development in pre-schoolers. Now a cult hit in many areas of the UK, there are around 10,000 families attending classes in venues across the country every week. Angie is married to a TV producer and live together with their five children in Hertfordshire.Emily Bolam is one of the UK's favourite illustrators. She was born in Buckinghamshire and studied illustration at Brighton College of Art. She is well-known for her bright, bold and lively style, and has illustrated a wide range of successful titles for Campbell including Monkey Music Let's Sing and Play. Emily continues to live and work in Brighton where she shares her studio with other artists and illustrators.


書名 / Monkey Music Magic Sounds (+CD)
作者 / Angie Coates
簡介 / Monkey Music Magic Sounds (+CD):小小猴咿咿啊啊動動跳跳快樂音樂課小猴兒Mo和Monkey大力揮揮手說哈囉,因為他們想和你當朋友喔!一起用歌聲、舞蹈加入牠們吧。歌詞簡單
ISBN13 / 9781509823994
ISBN10 / 1509823999
EAN / 9781509823994
誠品26碼 / 2681472640000
裝訂 / 精裝
頁數 / 20
語言 / 英文
級別 /
尺寸 / 22X22CM