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內容簡介 我是『真的』﹏企鵝! 我是認真的!!!超入戲!小小孩遊戲扮演的小小堅持,好氣又好笑!小女孩收到一套企鵝裝,穿上後,興致一來,決定當個真正的企鵝。她穿著企鵝裝上捷運,學企鵝把球夾在雙腿中間,模仿企鵝游泳,也學企鵝吃飯:請哥哥拋魚餵食,小企鵝張嘴接,但小企鵝常常漏接,要能精準接到食物還真難啊!爸爸說:「你根本沒辦法像企鵝一樣啦!」,小女孩很不服氣:「我是『真正』的企鵝」 !!果然,爸爸打開冰箱時,嚇了一大跳…!When a little girl is given a penguin suit she decides that living as a penguin is much more fun than just dressing as one. But penguins don't exactly behave like people. They don't ride the bus like people, they don't talk like people and they certainly don't catch fish fingers like people. Her family tell her, "You're not actually a penguin," but she knows that she ACTUALLY is. A hilarious new picture book from Sean Taylor, the author of What a Naughty Bird and Kasia Matyjaszek, author illustrator of I am a Very Clever Cat.


作者介紹 Sean Taylor (Author) Sean Taylor is an award-winning author of books for young readers of many different ages. His picture books include Hoot Owl Master of Disguise, It's A Groovy World, Alfredo!, Robot Rumpus, BOING!, When a Monster is Born and Crocodiles are the Best Animals of All! He has also written the Purple Class series of comic adventures set in an urban primary school, a collection of folktales from the Amazon called The Great Snake, and the novel for teenagers A Waste of Good Paper. Over the years he and his family have spent spells living in England (where he was born) and Brazil (where his wife is from).Kasia Matyjaszek (Illustrator) Kasia is an Edinburgh-based illustrator. She graduated with a Masters in Illustration from The Edinburgh College of Art in 2010. Her artwork has been highly commended in the Macmillan Book Prize and she was a finalist the Picture Hooks mentoring scheme . I am a Very Clever Cat is the first book she has both written and illustrated.

I am Actually a Penguin:我是『真的』﹏企鵝!我是認真的!!!超入戲!小小孩遊戲扮演的小小堅持,好氣又好笑!小女孩收到一套企鵝裝,穿上後,興致一來,決定當個真正

書名 / I am Actually a Penguin
簡介 / I am Actually a Penguin:我是『真的』﹏企鵝!我是認真的!!!超入戲!小小孩遊戲扮演的小小堅持,好氣又好笑!小女孩收到一套企鵝裝,穿上後,興致一來,決定當個真正
作者 / Sean Taylor
出版社 / Templar Company PLC.
誠品26碼 / 2681471118005
ISBN13 / 9781783704514
ISBN10 / 1783704519
EAN / 9781783704514
尺寸 / 26.5X22.8CM
裝訂 / 平裝
語言 / 英文
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頁數 / 32