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Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventures

作者 Nellie Huang
商品描述 Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventures:探險家們有個共通的特質—渴望探索未知之地,無論有多危險。本書介紹50位探險家,從遠古希臘的皮西亞斯,


內容簡介 探險家們有個共通的特質—渴望探索未知之地,無論有多危險。本書介紹50位探險家,從遠古希臘的皮西亞斯,他的足跡遍及大不列顛,甚至到達北極,發現極地的白天超長,也注意到綠光的存在;到維京探險家萊夫·艾瑞克森、麥哲倫,和中國的鄭和到近代Barbara Hillary—第一位抵達北極的非裔女子…等,大量豐富的圖片,介紹探險家當時的衣著、工具—如羅盤、刻有戰爭連環畫的牛皮罩袍,也收錄達爾文的發現等…。繼往開來,接著還有那些地方等著探索呢?失落的叢林、深海、太空?等著未來的探險家不斷挑戰。Live and see the world through the eyes of 50 of the world's greatest explorers and their trusty companions!This book for kids is brimming with first-person accounts of gripping adventures in explorers' own words. Find exciting tales complemented by rare maps, specially commissioned photographs, and artworks that re-create history's greatest expeditions. Get ready to take a leap into the unknown...An adventure book that will surely rival even the most thrilling adventure movies! You'll meet some of the most famous explorers and adventurers of all time in this exciting non-fiction storybook for children.Great explorers have one thing in common - a desire to leap into the unknown, no matter the dangers it presents. This book will take you through Ferdinand Magellan's first circumnavigation of the world 500 years ago to Barbara Hillary's treks to the North and South poles while in her seventies, and beyond. This knowledge book documents the stories of men and women who rewrote our understanding of the world and inspired us by pushing the boundaries of human capability.A kid's educational book that looks at the towering achievements of more than 50 explorers from all walks of life in great detail. See sensational cross-sections revealing the amazing detail inside Spanish galleons, lost cities, and spaceships. Magnificent photographs highlight the artefacts and relics they found along the way, while hand-drawn maps reveal their intrepid journeys in such detail, you feel as though you could be walking in their very footsteps.It is a glorious introduction to history's most famous trail blazers - people whose courage opened frontiers, turned voids into maps, forged nations, connected cultures, and added to humankind's knowledge of the world by leaps and bounds. Packed with jaw-dropping fun facts about the world and written so beautifully it will get your heart racing. Explorers is the perfect kid's book for any young mind with an avid sense of adventure!Explore Unknown Waters - Take To The Skies - Investigate Our Planet!For centuries, explorers have been unable to resist the secrets of the sea. We have looked toward the skies and stars since the beginning of time. Through dense jungles, dry desserts, and frozen mountains we have pushed the very limits of human endurance in the name of exploration and adventure!These tales are not for the faint of heart - these adventurers faced challenges that threatened their very survival! Their courage has allowed us to collect a wealth of knowledge about our awe-inspiring universe.Set sail to faraway frozen lands, defy gravity and take to the skies, and investigate our planet through the stories of those who came before us. Happy exploring!Learn about the explorers who defied the so-called possibilities of their time in:- Sea & Ice- Air & Space- And Land


作者介紹 Nellie Huang Nellie Huang is an adventure travel blogger (https: www.wildjunket.com ), journalist, author and new mum who wants to visit every country in the world (she's currently been to 120). In her quest for adventure, she has climbed an active volcano in Guatemala, reconstructed a school in rural Tanzania, followed the trails of sea lions on the Galápagos Islands, and gone scuba diving off the coast of Borneo.


書名 / Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventures
作者 / Nellie Huang
簡介 / Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventures:探險家們有個共通的特質—渴望探索未知之地,無論有多危險。本書介紹50位探險家,從遠古希臘的皮西亞斯,
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