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The LEGO Games Book

作者 DK
商品描述 The LEGO Games Book:樂高童玩遊戲點子書內附樂高零件樂高除了可以組合成車子、建物…也可以用來組合成小童玩如魔術方塊、陀螺等小玩具,本書收集50個樂高的童玩點子:圈


內容簡介 樂高 童玩遊戲點子書 內附樂高零件樂高除了可以組合成車子、建物…也可以用來組合成小童玩如魔術方塊、陀螺等小玩具,本書收集50個樂高的童玩點子:圈圈叉叉遊戲、樂高陀螺、立體魔方塊、賓果、疊疊樂等,看看誰可以在30內建造最高的塔?使用同一款樂高零件建造那些東西?現在,還可以加入新規定no-thumbs﹙不用大拇指﹚只使用剩下的4跟手指頭來拼湊樂高,哇,不使用大拇指也太難了吧,挑戰看看吧!書附樂高零件,可以組10種左右的遊戲。Comes with exclusive bricks and game ideas to get the whole family playing together!Looking for ways to spend more quality time with your kids? Want exciting screen-free activities that all ages can enjoy together? Build in some time for fun with The LEGO® Games Book! This book is packed with more than 50 activities, including puzzles, challenges, brainteasers and games to do with LEGO bricks for kids aged 6 years and up - and grown-ups, too!Who can build the tallest tower in less than 30 seconds? Which team will win a no-thumbs building challenge? Can anyone solve the sliding brick puzzle? Get out your LEGO® bricks and put your family and friends to the test with more than 50 fun puzzles, challenges, brainteasers and games for kids aged 6 years and over - and grown-ups, too!The LEGO Games Book also includes all the LEGO bricks you need to complete at least ten of the challenges in the book. Packed with LEGO building ideas and activities for the whole family, there's a challenge or game for everyone to enjoy. Bring screen-free family fun home with The LEGO Games Book. You can build and play together to create memories that will last a lifetime!


書名 / The LEGO Games Book
作者 / DK
簡介 / The LEGO Games Book:樂高童玩遊戲點子書內附樂高零件樂高除了可以組合成車子、建物…也可以用來組合成小童玩如魔術方塊、陀螺等小玩具,本書收集50個樂高的童玩點子:圈
ISBN13 / 9780241409466
ISBN10 / 0241409462
EAN / 9780241409466
誠品26碼 / 2681864809008
語言 / 英文
材質 / 紙、塑膠
尺寸 / 23.9X18.6X0CM
裝訂 / 精裝
頁數 / 80
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