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Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections

作者 Richard Platt
商品描述 Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections:Thischildren'sbookexplorestheinnermostworkingsofsomeextraordinarybuildingsandmachines.Fromhelicopterstosubmarines,sk


內容簡介 透過「工程藝術」大師插畫家Stephen Biesty的畫筆,欣賞人類建築與發明的精巧!直升機、潛水艇或摩天大樓,這些具有代表性的發明,都透過Stephen Biesty令人驚嘆的細膩剖面插圖,精準呈現這些機器內部的精密。門庭若市的帝國大廈,戲劇院後台昏天暗地的忙碌,讀者都能藉由書頁中的畫面,臨場體驗。 除了欣賞這些精緻的插圖畫面外,還有一些你意想不到的小知識搭配其中!每個畫面還藏有一個蹲馬桶的角色,找尋的同時,也許你會發現更多關於建築與機器的細節喔!This children's book explores the innermost workings of some extraordinary buildings and machines. From helicopters to submarines, skyscrapers to coal mines, open up a fascinating world packed with unique and detailed cutaway drawings.Whether it's a Spanish galleon or a medieval castle, each cross-section slice or exploded view reveals what's going on inside. See the people swarming inside the Empire State Building, the workers busy backstage at an opera house, and where the crew sleep on a jumbo jet. Included also are two impressive fold-outs showing an ocean liner and a steam train.There are lots of fun facts to be discovered, and curious details are highlighted and explained. Did you know one of the funnels of the Queen Mary liner was fake, and used for storing deckchairs? And in almost every scene there's the challenge... to find a man sitting on a toilet!With more than a million copies sold, Stephen Biesty's award-winning illustrated book is as fascinating today as it was when first published, in 1992. Incredible Cross-sections is the ultimate way to see how things work.


書名 / Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections
作者 / Richard Platt
簡介 / Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections:Thischildren'sbookexplorestheinnermostworkingsofsomeextraordinarybuildingsandmachines.Fromhelicopterstosubmarines,sk
ISBN13 / 9780241379783
ISBN10 / 0241379784
EAN / 9780241379783
誠品26碼 / 2681748016003
尺寸 / 30.1X25.2X1CM
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裝訂 / 精裝
頁數 / 48
語言 / 英文