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LEGO Animal Atlas

作者 DK
商品描述 LEGO Animal Atlas:樂高動物地圖60個零件可組成4隻小動物什麼動物可以一餐吃掉4000個蛤蠣呢?哪裡可以找到像棒球一樣大的蝸牛呢?翻一翻樂高動物地圖書,答案就在裡面喔!


內容簡介 樂高動物地圖60個零件可組成4隻小動物什麼動物可以一餐吃掉4000個蛤蠣呢?哪裡可以找到像棒球一樣大的蝸牛呢?翻一翻樂高動物地圖書,答案就在裡面喔!這本樂高動物地圖書,首先介紹可以組成動物的各種零件:眼睛、舌頭、嘴、鼻子、角等,接著分區介紹動物,從北美、南美、非洲、亞洲、澳洲 到北極、南極,從可愛的無尾熊、臭摸摸的臭鼬到罕見的超級大章魚,超過110代表動物,並附有幽默趣味知識,像是:赫克力士長戟大兜蟲可以載負牠體重85倍的東西,就好比人可以撐起兩隻大象。內附60個樂高小零件,可以組成貓熊、袋鼠、長頸鹿和企鵝。scover the planet's amazing animals with unique LEGO® models and maps.Which animal gobbles up 4,000 clams in one meal? Where can you find a snail as big as a baseball? The LEGO Animal Atlas has the answers and a whole lot more. It's packed with seriously fascinating facts and images of more than 110 models of the world's most awesome animals. Best of all, it comes with 60 bricks to build four exclusive mini-models - a panda, giraffe, penguin and kangaroo.A detailed LEGO map, dotted with charming micro-build creatures, introduces each of the continents. From a cute koala in the Australian outback to a mighty lion prowling the African savanna, LEGO Animal Atlas showcases many of the world's favourite animals - plus some unusual sights, such as the bizarre blue-footed booby and the mysterious giant squid!Tips and breakdowns will inspire children aged 6+ to create their own animal models. Clear photos, fun facts, and classic LEGO humour helps children learn as they build and play their way around the animal world.©2018 The LEGO Group.


書名 / LEGO Animal Atlas
作者 / DK
簡介 / LEGO Animal Atlas:樂高動物地圖60個零件可組成4隻小動物什麼動物可以一餐吃掉4000個蛤蠣呢?哪裡可以找到像棒球一樣大的蝸牛呢?翻一翻樂高動物地圖書,答案就在裡面喔!
ISBN13 / 9780241316573
ISBN10 / 024131657X
EAN / 9780241316573
誠品26碼 / 2681611105001
尺寸 / 27.6X21.6CM
裝訂 / 精裝
頁數 / 80
語言 / 英文
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