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內容簡介 Now in board book! A young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup. At home, they work together�step by step�to prepare the meal. A little later, the family sits down to enjoy a special dinner. Melissa Iwai's Soup Day celebrates the importance of making a nutritious meal and sharing in the process as a family.A Christy Ottaviano Book


作者介紹 Melissa Iwai has illustrated many children�s books, including Let�s Go to the Hardware Store, Toolbox Twins, B Is for Bulldozer and Good Night Engines. She is also the creator of Pizza Day. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her family.

Soup Day:Nowinboardbook!Ayounggirlandhermothershoptobuyingredientsforvegetablesoup.Athome,theyworktogether�stepbystep�topreparethemeal.Alittlelater,thefamily

書名 / Soup Day
簡介 / Soup Day:Nowinboardbook!Ayounggirlandhermothershoptobuyingredientsforvegetablesoup.Athome,theyworktogether�stepbystep�topreparethemeal.Alittlelater,thefamily
作者 / Melissa Iwai
誠品26碼 / 2681471775000
ISBN13 / 9781250127723
ISBN10 / 1250127726
EAN / 9781250127723
裝訂 / 兒童厚紙版書
語言 / 英文
級別 /
頁數 / 32
尺寸 / 16.5X14.6CM