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內容簡介 ABC 快樂出航啦!版畫式的線條,明亮的大海藍和對比的黃色,帶你乘風破浪,來趟快樂的海上ABC之旅!A是anchor,先收起船錨B是buoy,拋浮筒,好讓船開始走C是cruise ship,就是現在我們搭的遊艇D是dolphin,是跟在船邊又玩又跳的海豚好,現在我們要航向童話世界了。M,你想到的是…? 他們有長頭髮和大眼睛,這裡面最有名的就是用聲音換了雙腳的愛麗兒了(mermaid!);N是nook,是可以找到寶藏的地方,想不想去挖寶呢?在海上待了一天累了吧,來到Y 了,Y是yawn,打哈欠,Z是進入夢鄉的符號,你已經睡著啦~ABC: Off to Sea! http: product.aspx?pgid=1003147642600682A is for adventure that's waiting for you. The next time you want to sail into the blue...This maritime ABC breathes a real blast of fresh air into the genre.From A for Anchor and B for Buoy, from C for Cruise Ship to D for Dolphins and Zzzz for bedtime, Virginie Morgand's gloriously illustrated book is a wonderful introduction to all things nautical for young children. Her drawings successfully combine a sixties feel with the intensity of animated cinema, bringing the pictures to life page after page.About the AuthorVirginie Morgand is an illustrator based in Paris. Her illustrations have appeared in The Sunday Times Magazine and Elle among others. Her first book for children, ABC du Marin, was publishing in Spring 2015.

ABC: Off to Sea!:ABC快樂出航啦!版畫式的線條,明亮的大海藍和對比的黃色,帶你乘風破浪,來趟快樂的海上ABC之旅!A是anchor,先收起船錨B是buoy,拋浮筒,好讓船開始走

書名 / ABC: Off to Sea!
簡介 / ABC: Off to Sea!:ABC快樂出航啦!版畫式的線條,明亮的大海藍和對比的黃色,帶你乘風破浪,來趟快樂的海上ABC之旅!A是anchor,先收起船錨B是buoy,拋浮筒,好讓船開始走
作者 / Virginie Morgand
誠品26碼 / 2681466110007
ISBN13 / 9780500651131
ISBN10 / 0500651132
EAN / 9780500651131
尺寸 / 23.8X17CM
級別 /
語言 / 英文
頁數 / 28
裝訂 / 精裝