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The Bread Winner

作者 Whitmore, Arvella
出版社 Baker & Taylor
商品描述 The Bread Winner:,Asherfamily’sModelTtruckrattlesalongtowardWaheegan,SarahAnnPuckettwondersabouthernewhome.Whatwilllifebelikeinarealtown?Willherhousebebigger


內容簡介 As her family’s Model T truck rattles along toward Waheegan, Sarah Ann Puckett wonders about her new home. What will life be like in a real town? Will her house be bigger than the one on the farm? She can’t wait to see her first movie at the Aladdin Theater and to make friends at her new school. But the year is 1932, and life in the midst of the Great Depression is far from easy. Sarah’s parents have been forced to sell the farm, and Sarah is shocked to see that her new house is nothing more than a shack in the poorest part of town. Jobs are scarce, and soon Sarah’s father is forced to leave home to look for work. It seems that Sarah has lost everything . . . except her prizewinning bread recipe.


作者介紹 Arvella Whitmore grew up in Great Bend, Kansas. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she is a full-time writer.


書名 / The Bread Winner
作者 / Whitmore, Arvella
簡介 / The Bread Winner:,Asherfamily’sModelTtruckrattlesalongtowardWaheegan,SarahAnnPuckettwondersabouthernewhome.Whatwilllifebelikeinarealtown?Willherhousebebigger
出版社 / Baker & Taylor
ISBN13 / 9780618494798
ISBN10 / 0618494790
EAN / 9780618494798
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頁數 / 144
語言 / 英文
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