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內容簡介 街拍大師艾略特.歐維特(Elliot Erwitt)鏡頭下,橫跨半世紀的古巴影像集。1964年,擔任攝影記者的艾略特.歐維特,接獲《新聞周刊》的一項任務而成為古巴總統卡斯楚的座上賓。在那裡,他所捕捉的卡斯楚與革命領袖切.格瓦拉的肖像,如今已成為經典。50年後,美國與古巴恢復邦交之際,歐維特重返舊地,記錄了古巴的城市與鄉村地景,以及這個精采國度的人們。本書首次展現歐維特為這個活力十足的加勒比海之島所記錄的黑白攝影集。從抓拍卡斯楚到哈瓦那令人屏息的建築細節,以及鄉村生活的風貌,本書所映照的是深度的視覺探索,照見這個國家的內在靈魂。除了豐富的照片,由歐維特親自執筆的軼聞趣事(像是切.格瓦拉遞給他一盒雪茄的瞬間)以及文評家亨利.路易.蓋茲所寫的前言,豐富了本書的內容。本書不僅記載了古巴的人與地,更是這個國家向世界敞開之際,對不斷變動的它所做的歷史紀錄。In 1964, while on assignment for Newsweek magazine, photojournalist Elliott Erwitt spent a week in Cuba as a guest of Fidel Castro. There, he captured now-iconic photographs of the beloved Cuban president along with the revolutionary leader Che Guevara. Over fifty years later, coinciding with restored diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, Erwitt returned to document both its urban and rural landscapes, and -most prominently- the people of this fascinating nation. Presented in a book for the very first time, Erwitt's captivating black-and-white photographs offer an intimate look into this intriguing Caribbean island. From candid glimpses of Fidel Castro to Havana's breathtaking architectural details and scenes of rural life, Cuba reflects an in-depth visual exploration that unveils the heart and soul of the country. Complete with anecdotal recollections penned by Erwitt himself (for example, the time when Che Guevara offered him a box of cigars) and a compelling foreword written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., this stunning tome isn't a mere chronicling of Cuba's people and places--it's a historical record of a nation in flux as it opens up to the rest of the world.


作者介紹 Elliott Erwitt 艾略特.歐維特自1953年起,就是馬格蘭攝影通訊社的一員,是雜誌攝影的領導人物,曾於紐約現代美術館、巴黎現代美術館等機構舉辦過個人展。亨利.路易.蓋茲身兼多重身分,非裔美籍的他,不僅是獲獎的電影創作者、新聞記者、評論家、也是許多機構的創辦人。A leading figure in magazine photography, ELLIOTT ERWITT's journalistic essays, illustrations, and advertisements have been featured in publications around the world. A member of Magnum Photos since 1953, he has published multiple books and has had solo exhibitions in New York's Museum of Modern Art, Paris's Museum of Modern Art, and Zurich's Kunsthaus, among others.


書名 / Cuba
簡介 / Cuba:街拍大師艾略特.歐維特(ElliotErwitt)鏡頭下,橫跨半世紀的古巴影像集。1964年,擔任攝影記者的艾略特.歐維特,接獲《新聞周刊》的一項任務而成為古巴總統卡斯楚的
作者 / Elliott Erwitt
出版社 / teNeues Verlag GmbH
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ISBN13 / 9783961710393
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