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內容簡介 A solar PV energy scientist at America’s premiere National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the pioneering CEO of Motech Solar, Dr. Simon Tsuo led an exciting life while discovering the innovative crystalline silicon technology that is responsible for much of the world’s current solar energy resources. This book tells the tales of Tsuo’s rediscovery of his roots in a transforming Taiwan, entrepreneurialism, business strategies, and the rise of the solar sector and the green economy. Dr. Simon Tsuo was born in China in 1948 just one year before the conclusion of its civil war, in which his father led more than 4,000 men on the nationalist (KMT) side. After the KMT’s defeat in the Chinese Civil War and his family’s fleeing on a seized tanker boat, Dr. Tsuo grew up under its exiled “one party state” in Taiwan. There, he learned to navigate the Taiwan of his youth, and like many of the post-war generation, he excelled academically in order to qualify for further opportunities in America. After a cultural journey of American exploration, Dr. Tsuo attained a PhD in applied physics which led him to a successful career at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, America’s only federal government renewable research institute. There, he delved into a 20 year-long research path during solar energy’s “warring technologies period,” through which he became convinced that crystalline silicon was to become the leading technology. With this insight, Dr. Tsuo eventually returned to Taiwan to establish Motech Solar as one of the world’s first crystalline silicon-only solar cell firms. With a visionary strategy, Dr. Tsuo overcame many challenges to lead Motech Solar to become a global sector leader, which spawned Taiwan’s solar sector.


作者介紹 ■作者簡介Jasper GreenPrior to writing this book, I had just completed my PhD at the University of Sussex on post-WWII China-Taiwan relations, economic integration, and the political implications thereof. Before my studies in the field of Global Political Economy for my master’s degree onward, I pursued an undergraduate degree in the humanities which together have provided me with the necessary conceptual frame to complete this book. Being at home in both Eastern and Western culture, as well as fluent in Chinese and English, it was after interviewing Simon for my PhD thesis that he approached me to write his biography in both English and Chinese. Moved by the subject matter, I accepted the task to embark upon crafting the narrative of Dr. Tsuo’s life, as it had been shaped by the current of the times and how he, in turn, came to leave his mark on the world.傳記人物:台灣太陽能教父左元淮台灣太陽能電池廠茂迪前榮譽董事長左元淮先生,於1978年取得美國紐約西華大學物理學博士學位後,曾在美國太空總署(NASA)以及史丹佛研究中心(SRI)任職,後來他加入美國科羅拉多州「再生能源中心」(NREL)的研究團隊,在再生能源領域奉獻長達18年。1998年間,左元淮返台後,投入太陽能電池領域,並創立了茂迪的光電事業部門,持續投入太陽能技術領域,並鞏固了茂迪在太陽能產業的領導地位。2013年6月,左元淮卸下董事長,轉任榮譽董事長,於2015年7月病逝。


產品目錄 About the Dr. Simon TsuoPrefaceI. The Enduring Legacy of Dr. Simon Tsuo Dr. Thomas SurekII. From Business Partners to Best Friends Pietro MennaIII. Fond Memories of an Innovator and a Brave Warrior Pin-Ching ManessIV. Simon: My Friend, and My Role Model Ding Wen HsuBook OriginsPart 1Chapter 1 ExodusChapter 2 A New Life in TaipeiChapter 3 Chong Cheng Elementary SchoolChapter 4 Chien ChongChapter 5 A Time of Insights and ReflectionChapter 6 Life and Love during the University YearsChapter 7 Military and Teaching InterludePart 2Chapter 8 There is No City like New York CityChapter 9 A Time of Growth and Reflection in NYChapter 10 Drifting in the USAChapter 11 New Beginnings in the High Altitude StateChapter 12 Full-Time Amorphous Research and 120% Family ManChapter 13 A Bridge into the WorldChapter 14 The Crystalline Silicon BluesChapter 15 The Journey to ChinaChapter 16 Crisis and MetamorphosisPart 3Chapter 17 A New BeginningChapter 18 A New Life in TainanChapter 19 Opening the International Market (1)Chapter 20 A Localized and Culturally Attuned Management StyleChapter 21 A Happy EnterpriseChapter 22 Opening the International Market (2)Chapter 23 The Ebb and FlowChapter 24 The Savage FirePart 4Chapter 25 Life after the StormChapter 26 Company Institutionalization and a Widened Staff PoolChapter 27 An International Strategic Plan (1)Chapter 28 Solar’s Short WinterChapter 29 Industry Transformation and MetamorphosisChapter 30 An International Strategic Plan (2)Chapter 31 Correction and ChangeChapter 32 The Final StretchThoughts and Observation on Taiwan’s Future

Riding the Solar Wave: The Life and Times of Dr. Simon Tsuo:AsolarPVenergyscientistatAmerica’spremiereNationalRenewableEnergyLaboratoryandthepioneeringCEOofMo

書名 / Riding the Solar Wave: The Life and Times of Dr. Simon Tsuo
簡介 / Riding the Solar Wave: The Life and Times of Dr. Simon Tsuo:AsolarPVenergyscientistatAmerica’spremiereNationalRenewableEnergyLaboratoryandthepioneeringCEOofMo
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