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David Hockney (40th Anniv. Ed.)

作者 David Hockney/ Hans Werner Holzwarth
商品描述 David Hockney (40th Anniv. Ed.):AsaspecialeditiontomarkTASCHEN's40thanniversary,thisvolumepresentsthelifeandworkofDavidHockneyyearbyyearasadialoguebetweenhiswo


內容簡介 【Taschen 40週年版】在世藝術家身價最高的大衛·霍克尼,藝術生涯逾60年最完整的作品回顧專書,順應Taschen創社四十週年、精裝小開本正式登場!"


作者介紹 David HockneyDavid Hockney (born July 9, 1937) is an English painter, draftsman, printmaker, stage designer, and photographer. He first emerged in the early 1960s during the height of British pop, then moved to Los Angeles in 1964, where he famously painted a series of swimming pools. Alongside the classic genres of portraiture and landscape, he always kept evolving his art, using technologies such as Polaroids, photocopiers and fax machines, digital video, or the iPhone and iPad as tools for his painting. Since his first big survey exhibition, which in 1970 traveled Europe from the Whitechapel Gallery in London, he has been one of the most widely shown and popular artists of our time.Hans Werner HolzwarthHans Werner Holzwarth is a book designer and editor specializing in contemporary art and photography. His TASCHEN publications include the Collector's Editions Jeff Koons, Christopher Wool, Albert Oehlen, Ai Weiwei, and the David Hockney SUMO A Bigger Book, as well as monographs like the XXL-sized Jean-Michel Basquiat and survey books such as Modern Art and Art Now! Vols 3 and 4.


書名 / David Hockney (40th Anniv. Ed.)
作者 / David Hockney Hans Werner Holzwarth
簡介 / David Hockney (40th Anniv. Ed.):AsaspecialeditiontomarkTASCHEN's40thanniversary,thisvolumepresentsthelifeandworkofDavidHockneyyearbyyearasadialoguebetweenhiswo
出版社 / TASCHEN GmbH
ISBN13 / 9783836582490
ISBN10 / 383658249X
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