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內容簡介 ★紐約時報暢銷書《食慾風暴》作者最新力作★她39歲,未婚未生,某個契機讓她開始理解家庭的意義...39歲的安德莉亞,單身、沒小孩,正試著探索家庭、友誼、性生活,以及一份她從來都不想要的工作;她對想法與慾望的天人交戰,可沒幾個人想面對。本書直白的文字語調,誠實到可能會讓人讀了肚子疼;帶著閃閃發亮的怒氣與親密感,作者提出以下的問題,諸如:- 如果我不想抱你的寶寶,怎麼辦?- 我可以跟你約會,但不要聽你談你離婚的事嗎?- 我現在是成年人了,我能要求我媽什麼?- 治療沒有意義嗎?- 到底要喝多少酒才叫有酗酒問題?- 為什麼大家都一直在問我為什麼沒結婚?本書充滿強大的聰穎與壞透了的趣味,探究一個不完美卻又令人著迷的角色,深入她的精神世界。透過作者誠實描繪做個21世紀的女人到底意味著甚麼,讀者會認識、看到自己,儘管他(她)們不見得總是想承認這一點。'Hilarious, courageous and mesmerising' Maria Semple'Think BBC's Fleabag set in Brooklyn' Stylist'I'm alone. I'm a drinker. I'm a former artist. I'm a shrieker in bed. I'm the captain of the sinking ship that is my flesh.'Andrea is a single, childless 39-year-old woman who tries to navigate family, sexuality, friendships and a career she never wanted, but battles with thoughts and desires that few people would want to face up to.Gut-wrenchingly honest and shimmering with rage and intimacy, All Grown Up questions what it means to be a 21st century woman:- What if I don't want to hold your baby? - Can I date you without ever hearing about your divorce? - What can I demand of my mother now that I am an adult? - Is therapy pointless? - At what point does drinking a lot become a drinking problem? - Why does everyone keep asking me why I am not married?Powerfully intelligent and wickedly funny, All Grown Up delves into the psyche of a flawed but mesmerising character. Readers will recognise themselves in Jami Attenberg's truthful account of womanhood, though they might not always want to admit it.

All Grown Up:★紐約時報暢銷書《食慾風暴》作者最新力作★她39歲,未婚未生,某個契機讓她開始理解家庭的意義...39歲的安德莉亞,單身、沒小孩,正試著探索家庭、友誼、

書名 / All Grown Up
簡介 / All Grown Up:★紐約時報暢銷書《食慾風暴》作者最新力作★她39歲,未婚未生,某個契機讓她開始理解家庭的意義...39歲的安德莉亞,單身、沒小孩,正試著探索家庭、友誼、
作者 / Jami Attenberg
誠品26碼 / 2681469534008
ISBN13 / 9781781257050
ISBN10 / 1781257051
EAN / 9781781257050
語言 / 英文
頁數 / 208
尺寸 / 19.8X12.9CM
級別 /
裝訂 / 平裝