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內容簡介 無聊與無敵的一線之隔:從放空發現大腦的神秘面紗,現在,就大膽開始將「放空」成為你的第一待辦事項吧!「本書帶領我們發現放空的重要性,透過Manoush Zomorodi的最有趣的科學研究,學習無聊與放空才是讓我們更快樂及更有效率及創意的主要關鍵。現在就放下手機,讓自己的大腦來個徹底放空吧!」─葛瑞琴‧魯賓,紐約時報冠軍暢銷書作者《過得還不錯的一年:我的快樂生活提案》「書中許多簡單的小步驟,都能讓你的每一天更加充實及有效率,Manoush結合個人經驗、神經科學及大量的研究資料,放空原來也是一種學習天賦。」─杜希格,《為什麼我們這樣生活,那樣工作》作者公共電台WNYC主持人Manoush Zomorodi的知名播客及廣播節目《Note to Self》引領超過萬人聽眾一同完成一項有趣的實驗,放下手機開始放空自我,檢測人們的注意力及創造力是否獲得提升,意外地收到廣大聽眾的迴響,這項實驗的確有效改善他們的生活。感到無聊是活躍大腦的關鍵因素,因而開啟創造力、解決問題及自我計畫的行動力。透過採訪科學家、藝術家及一般人,探討為什麼大量的網路訊息容易讓人分心,學習如何善用無聊及放空的時間,更能讓生活過得更精采。 Being bored is bad, right? We'll certainly do anything to avoid it and with smartphones we need never be bored again, as we reply to our emails 24 hours a day, tweet as we watch TV, watch TV as we commute, check Facebook as we walk and Instagram while we eat. Stimulation is good. But what if it's not? What if what happens when our mind "wanders" is an essential part of how our brains work and crucial to our concentration and ability to think creatively? What if your relationship with distraction is stopping you from living your fullest life? When award-winning journalist Manoush Zomorodi posed these question to her listeners on her hugely popular New York public radio Podcast, the answer, from neuroscientists, psychologists and experts was a resounding yes. So over the course of a week, she led her listeners through a week of exercises designed to help them reassess their technology habits, unplug for part of each week and jumpstart their creativity. The response was astonishing. Now, in Bored and Brilliant, she will show you why the key to changing everything may be making time to do nothing by taking you through a series of challenges that will help you rethink and recalibrate your relationship with technology in small but important ways. This book is both a fascinating account of our new relationship with boredom and a practical guide to inviting a little more of it into your life and reawakening your creativity and productivity.


作者介紹 Manoush Zomorodi

Bored and Brilliant:無聊與無敵的一線之隔:從放空發現大腦的神秘面紗,現在,就大膽開始將「放空」成為你的第一待辦事項吧!「本書帶領我們發現放空的重要性,透過Manou

書名 / Bored and Brilliant
簡介 / Bored and Brilliant:無聊與無敵的一線之隔:從放空發現大腦的神秘面紗,現在,就大膽開始將「放空」成為你的第一待辦事項吧!「本書帶領我們發現放空的重要性,透過Manou
作者 / Manoush Zomorodi
誠品26碼 / 2681468906004
ISBN13 / 9781509869725
ISBN10 / 1509869727
EAN / 9781509869725
裝訂 / 平裝
語言 / 英文
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