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內容簡介 普羅賽柯(Prosecco)可說是義大利氣泡酒的代名詞,早已襲捲整個飲酒社交界。本書收錄了以它作為基底,調製出40種雞尾酒的酒譜,為您招待親友的聚會助興。Prosecco的氣泡清晰有活力,在清爽中帶著果香,是最受歡迎的氣泡酒,也是所謂的平民香檳。不僅如此,它還是製作各式雞尾酒的絕佳基底,因為它充滿活力的氣泡與其他飲料或是烈酒都能夠完美地融合在一起。不論是經典的皇家基爾(Kir Royale)或是普羅賽柯-莫希多(Prosecco Mojito);作為餐前、餐後酒的義大利Spritz或是草莓羅西尼;絕對可以驚艷聚會全場,加上白桃與羅勒的白酒桑格莉亞…,都收錄在這本雞尾酒譜中。每個人都喜歡氣泡酒倒進玻璃酒杯的泡泡聲,因為它可以提振每一個聚會者的精神。不管是單身趴、海邊宴或是節日慶典,只要有Prosecco調製而成的雞尾酒,賓主絕對盡歡!A collection of 40 delicious cocktail recipes featuring the Italian sparkling wine that has taken social drinking by storm—Prosecco!Ah, Prosecco, how we love it! With its crisp, zesty bubbles and light, fruity flavor, Champagne’s perkier younger cousin is our favorite sparkling wine, hands-down. But what many of us don’t realize is that those easy-drinking qualities we love so much are exactly what makes it a fantastic base for cocktails, too. Prosecco’s sprightly bubbles combine brilliantly with all kinds of liqueurs and spirits, so it’s time to open the drinks cabinet and start experimenting—and Prosecco Cocktails is the perfect companion to get you started. There are Prosecco-led twists on the classics, like the Kir Royale or Prosecco Mojito; sophisticated apéritifs like the classic Spritz or the strawberry-infused Rossini; absolute party barnstormers like the Sangria Blanca, infused with white peach and basil; and intriguing sweet treats like the Wild Berry Cheesecake or Sparkling Parma Violet. Everyone enjoys the magical sound of well-chilled fizz cascading into a sparkling clean glass, adding its special cheer to any occasion. Now let’s take it to a whole new level! Whether you’re hosting an action-packed bachelorette party or a dainty baby shower, a sunny beachside cook-out or a festive holiday drinks gathering, an intimate meal à deux or a gossip-fuelled get-together, a fun family celebration or a soignée dinner party, the true joy of Prosecco is that it’s ideal for any occasion. Add the inventiveness of cocktails and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a fabulous time. And, well, why on earth not?


作者介紹 Laura GladwinLaura Gladwin在倫敦的Leith酒食學校受訓後,成為自由執業的廚師。她花了5年的時間待在倫敦最大的宴會設計公司之一,為超過500場的聚會設計別出心裁的雞尾酒酒譜。目前是酒、食方面的作家與編輯。

Prosecco Cocktails:普羅賽柯(Prosecco)可說是義大利氣泡酒的代名詞,早已襲捲整個飲酒社交界。本書收錄了以它作為基底,調製出40種雞尾酒的酒譜,為您招待親友的聚會助興

書名 / Prosecco Cocktails
簡介 / Prosecco Cocktails:普羅賽柯(Prosecco)可說是義大利氣泡酒的代名詞,早已襲捲整個飲酒社交界。本書收錄了以它作為基底,調製出40種雞尾酒的酒譜,為您招待親友的聚會助興
作者 / Laura Gladwin
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