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作者 James Jebbia
商品描述 Supreme:【Supreme--1994年誕生於美國曼哈頓、引領風騷25年的話題潮流品牌。Supreme的崛起與竄紅,代表並發揚著紐約街頭文化精神、特別是滑板文化;進而將這股潮流與影響


內容簡介 【斷貨超過半年,終於回歸!】去年初發行不久就迅速熱銷斷貨、克服疫情影響終於再版成功的潮牌 "Supreme " 品牌書,切勿錯過收藏機會!Supreme--1994年誕生於美國曼哈頓、引領風騷25年的話題潮流品牌。Supreme的崛起與竄紅,代表並發揚著紐約街頭文化精神、特別是滑板文化;進而將這股潮流與影響力擴及至全世界。此書是Supreme創辦人James Jebbia親著,由他本人親自細數、回顧品牌四分之一世紀的創建歷程,看他如何與藝術家、音樂人、其他品牌跨界合作擦出各種耀眼的創意火花,相當完整而精彩!Over the past 25 years, Supreme has transformed itself from a downtown New York skate shop into an iconic global brand. Supreme-the book-looks back on more than two decades of the creations, stories, and convention-defying attitude that are uniquely Supreme.Featuring more than 800 stunning images, from photographers such as Larry Clark, Ari Marcopoulos, and David Sims, readers will have unparallled access to behind-the-scenes content, including the company's highly limited products-everything from t-shirts to bicycles-and collaborations-Nan Goldin, Comme de Garçons, and Nike, to name a few. The book also features a curated section of lookbooks and an index of T-shirts released since Supreme's Spring Summer 2010 collections. And, with written contributions by pop-culture critic Carlo McCormick and film director Harmony Korine, readers will get exclusive insight into Supreme's core ethos from two lifelong devotees.Known as much for its irreverent and iconoclastic spirit as it is for its commitment to design and quality, Supreme's products have become as recognizable and coveted as those from the world's top luxury brands-this book is no exception. Beautifully produced, the book is the epitome of Supreme's dedication to quality and design, including a reversible jacket with the signature red Supreme logo."


作者介紹 James JebbiaJames Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994. He lives and works in New York City.


書名 / Supreme
作者 / James Jebbia
簡介 / Supreme:【Supreme--1994年誕生於美國曼哈頓、引領風騷25年的話題潮流品牌。Supreme的崛起與竄紅,代表並發揚著紐約街頭文化精神、特別是滑板文化;進而將這股潮流與影響
ISBN13 / 9781838660314
ISBN10 / 1838660313
EAN / 9781838660314
誠品26碼 / 2681844002009
頁數 / 352
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 28.6X22.4X3.5CM
級別 / N:無