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內容簡介 每年的這個時候“活動設計年鑑”將展出最好及最有趣的,今年的活動信息豐富擁有豐富的圖片。 隨著2016 2017年鑑,展覽設計作者的兩位製作者,Sabine Marinescu和Janina Poesch尋找自己的想法及其靈感和信息,所以造就了對於此行業的相關的洞察力。As every year, the current edition of the Event Design Yearbook also presentsthe best and most interestingevents of the last year informatively, with a wealth of pictures. What is new, however, are the authors: with the Yearbook 2016 2017, the two makers of PLOT - Staging Spaces and authors of the Trade Fair DesignAnnual, Sabine Marinescu and Janina Poesch, are looking for small andlarge, private and public, cultural and corporate, exceptional and fascinatingevents, which all distinguishthemselves through the idea behind it and its realization.Interviews and theoretical texts accompany the projects, with inspirationand information going handin hand and providing an insight into the sector.


作者介紹 ■作者簡介Annerose Bach

Event Design Yearbook 2016 2017:每年的這個時候“活動設計年鑑”將展出最好及最有趣的,今年的活動信息豐富擁有豐富的圖片。隨著2016/2017年鑑,展覽設計作者的兩位製作

書名 / Event Design Yearbook 2016 2017
簡介 / Event Design Yearbook 2016 2017:每年的這個時候“活動設計年鑑”將展出最好及最有趣的,今年的活動信息豐富擁有豐富的圖片。隨著2016 2017年鑑,展覽設計作者的兩位製作
作者 / Sabine Marinescu Janna Poesch Ed.
出版社 / av edition GmbH
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