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The Last Place on Earth 1-2 (2冊合售)

作者 Fay, Michael
商品描述 The Last Place on Earth 1-2 (2冊合售):ThephotographsinTheLastPlaceonEartharethebestwildlifeimagesintheworldtoday.ThegroundbreakingphotographyinVolumeIpresentsw


內容簡介 The photographs in The Last Place on Earth are the best wildlife images in the world today. The groundbreaking photography in Volume I presents wildlife as if the viewer is on the scene and closeup. This is accomplished with gadgetry developed at National Geographic under the guidance of Michael Nichols. The new technology allows Nichols to set aside the usual telephoto lenses that magnify and flatten subjects, freeing him to use more normal lenses with special lighting. The resulting pictures come the closest to bridging the gap between wildlife and humanity than any photographs have ever done. Pictures cover the rough and amazing beauty of central Africa's wildlife and terrain-many images have never been seen-for example, surfing hippos and sun-bathing buffalo. Volume II highlights a facsimile of Mike Fay's original journal. It is real-life drama at its very best. Nichols' stunning black and white images of the arduous journey illustrate Fay's detailed entries. Together the set constructs a portrait of central African forests before "their greatness succumbs to the inexorable nibble of humanity." Threats by armed-poachers, disease, and despair are offset by moments of utter astonishment: Fay befriends a gorilla, Ebobo, whom he first met seven years before. At one point along the trip the gorilla was seen waiting for Fay to catch up. As a result of Nichols' and Fay's work, the government of Gabon created 13 national parks protecting 11,294 square miles.


作者介紹 Michael Nichols is an award-winning photographer who became a staff photographer for the National Geographic Society in 1996. He has photographed more than 20 stories for National Geographic magazine. His work has appeared in several books, including Keepers of the Kingdom, a photographic essay about changes in US zoos; The Year of the Tiger, which focuses on the world's remaining tigers; and Brutal Kinship, a look at the timorous bond between man and chimpanzee with text by Jane Goodall. Nichols has been featured in Rolling Stone, American Photographer, and many other magazines.Mike Fay has spent his life as a naturalist—from the Sierra Nevadas and the Maine woods as a boy, to Alaska and Central America in college, to North Africa and the depths of the central African forest and savannas for the last 25 years. He has worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Bronx since 1991. Fay is best known for his work on Megatransect, a project that had the objective of bringing to the world's attention the last pristine forest in central Africa and the need for its protection.


書名 / The Last Place on Earth 1-2 (2冊合售)
作者 / Fay, Michael
簡介 / The Last Place on Earth 1-2 (2冊合售):ThephotographsinTheLastPlaceonEartharethebestwildlifeimagesintheworldtoday.ThegroundbreakingphotographyinVolumeIpresentsw
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