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Open Concept Apartments

作者 Francesc Zamora
出版社 Harper Design
商品描述 Open Concept Apartments:全新型態室內設計:開放式格局公寓,創造紓壓及充滿設計感的居家體驗超過100組開放式公寓設計案例,打造時髦又令人著迷的生活氛圍現代公寓設計及


內容簡介 全新型態室內設計:開放式格局公寓,創造紓壓及充滿設計感的居家體驗超過100組開放式公寓設計案例,打造時髦又令人著迷的生活氛圍現代公寓設計及裝修的終極指南,由暢銷書《Open Concept Houses 》及《150 Best》室內設計系列作者Francesc Zamora精選超過全球100組創意設計案例。隨著都市人口暴增,越來越多人選擇高樓層住宅,但這些長期在都市中深耕的族群,不希望選擇公寓式住宅卻犧牲了居家生活空間,為解決空間無法有效利用的問題,開放式格局公寓就此誕生。減少門道及隔間牆,開放式概念格局將烹飪、飲食和娛樂融合在活潑、明亮及寬敞設計的單一空間中。透過家具、照明到擺設的運用,巧妙定義每個區域,營造居住空間的寬廣和親密感。書中分享的案例橫跨紐約到雪梨、芝加哥到里約熱內盧、聖塔莫尼卡到特拉維夫,精彩呈現當代設計潮流,展現國際知名建築師及設計師的遠見卓識,不同的設計案例皆符合客戶需求和品味,實用與功能性並存。超過500頁的內容,包括前後對照圖搭配平面圖,絕對是從業人員的必備餐考書籍,也是公寓居住者的靈感指南。The ultimate resource for modern apartment design and renovation, featuring hundreds of creative ideas from around the world, curated by the author of Open Concept Houses and the 150 Best design series.With the explosion in popularity of urban living, more people are trading houses for high-rises. But these sophisticated urbanites don’t want to sacrifice the expansive feel that a house affords. The answer is open concept apartments. By eliminating doorways and walls, open concept design blends separate areas for cooking, eating, and entertaining into one breezy, bright, large, unconstructed space. Special touches—from furniture to lighting to accessories—can be used to subtly define each area, creating a sense of expansiveness and intimacy.Open Concept Apartments brings together a number of examples from all over the world—from New York to Sydney, Chicago to Rio de Janeiro, Santa Monica to Tel Aviv—that magnificently illustrate this popular design trend. Showcasing the vision and brilliance of distinguished international architects and designers, each of these apartments—including both original constructions and renovations—have been created using practical and functional solutions that suit the needs and tastes of their individual clients.Packed with more than five-hundred pages filled with gorgeous and inspiring before-and-after color photographs, as well as handy floor plans, Open Concept Apartments is an essential resource for architects and interior designers and an inspirational guide for every apartment dweller.


書名 / Open Concept Apartments
作者 / Francesc Zamora
簡介 / Open Concept Apartments:全新型態室內設計:開放式格局公寓,創造紓壓及充滿設計感的居家體驗超過100組開放式公寓設計案例,打造時髦又令人著迷的生活氛圍現代公寓設計及
出版社 / Harper Design
ISBN13 / 9780062840608
ISBN10 / 0062840606
EAN / 9780062840608
誠品26碼 / 2681595646002
頁數 / 480
注音版 /
裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 21.6X20.3CM
級別 / N:無