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內容簡介 澳洲甜點設計大師Caroline Khoo最超乎想像的夢幻甜點食譜書感受甜點的浪漫法式美學來自澳洲的甜點設計師Caroline Khoo創立甜點工作坊Nectar and Stone,充分發揮創意及想像力,所打造的甜點宛如藝術品般精緻,浪漫的色調及搭配,讓人彷彿置身童話故事般夢幻而甜蜜。她將帶領讀者發揮無限創意,勇敢創造出充滿生命力的甜點設計。Caroline所設計的甜點皆融合故事性,夢幻的色彩與精心的配色,簡直讓人愛不釋手。將花朵點綴在甜點中,也是她獨創的巧思之一,將玫瑰與小雛菊融入裸蛋糕中,就像一束盛開的捧花,甚至將花瓣與色彩繽紛的水果冰棒結合,可愛又富有童真。花朵馬卡龍、玫瑰巧克力、薄荷棉花糖,每樣都像在夢裡才會存在的甜點,現在就等你一起發揮創意,打造獨一無二如同寶石般珍貴的甜點。 Desserts tell a story - they can take the person eating them on a sensory journey from the first look to the last bite. In I'm Just Here for Dessert Caroline Khoo of the highly successful dessert business Nectar and Stone, blends her talent for creating simple yet delicious desserts with her love of beauty and sophistication to provide the reader with the skills and tools needed to shape their own personal style of dessert design. Caroline believes that everybody eats with their eyes first so how you style your food and which props you use to set the scene are an integral part of making food and drinks look amazing. In the first part of the book, Caroline talks through the importance of understanding, learning and mastering the basics when it comes to baking and decorating, including harnessing your inspiration and style to create something gorgeous. And because sharing images of her work has been such a huge part of Caroline's success (she has over 364,000 followers on Instagram), Caroline includes her top tips for styling, capturing and sharing your own triumphs on social media.In the second half of the book, Caroline presents basic recipes to shape the foundations of your business, as well as some flavour combinations that will have you itching to get baking in the kitchen. Learn to make two-tone meringues and Cotton candy cupcakes; Ombre iced donuts and Caramel macarons with pink salt; Salted caramel and dark chocolate tart and Spiced apple waffles; and a Lemon and coconut dream statement cake. There are even cocktail ideas (think Lychee squeeze and Pink tequila). Along with piping, icing and decorating techniques and advice on flower styling and concept design, I'm Just Here for Dessert is a must-have book for any dessert lover who's looking to turn their hobby into a full-time occupation.


作者介紹 Caroline Khoo

I'm Just Here for Dessert:澳洲甜點設計大師CarolineKhoo最超乎想像的夢幻甜點食譜書感受甜點的浪漫法式美學來自澳洲的甜點設計師CarolineKhoo創立甜點工作坊NectarandSt

書名 / I'm Just Here for Dessert
簡介 / I'm Just Here for Dessert:澳洲甜點設計大師CarolineKhoo最超乎想像的夢幻甜點食譜書感受甜點的浪漫法式美學來自澳洲的甜點設計師CarolineKhoo創立甜點工作坊NectarandSt
作者 / Caroline Khoo
誠品26碼 / 2681468866001
ISBN13 / 9781743368879
ISBN10 / 1743368879
EAN / 9781743368879
裝訂 / 平裝
頁數 / 272
語言 / 英文
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尺寸 / 24X19CM