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Dick Bruna

作者 Bruce Ingman/ Ramona Reihill
商品描述 Dick Bruna:‘Formillionsofchildren,DickBruna’sbooksarethefirsttheywillencounter.Theydon’tknowhowluckytheyare’MichaelBondThislatestinstalmentinTheIllustrator


內容簡介 ‘For millions of children, Dick Bruna’s books are the first they will encounter. They don’t know how lucky they are’ Michael Bond This latest instalment in The Illustrators on Dutch artist Dick Bruna (1927–2017) takes readers behind the scenes of the creation of some of the world’s most endearing children’s characters. Offering a deeper appreciation of the artistry and skills behind the international icon Miffy, fellow illustrator Bruce Ingman also reveals Bruna’s lesser-known work, including his striking book and poster designs. A glimpse into his studio in Utrecht reveals a man of many media, including drawing, painting, collage and photography. All the elements of Bruna’s extensive body of work, spanning book covers, posters, stamps and merchandise, are given due significance in this illuminating study of his reputation and success. By the time of Bruna’s retirement, Miffy had become an industry in her own right and Bruna an international star far beyond the sphere of children’s books. Ingman shows us how the simple complexity of Bruna’s work appeals to children, artists and designers alike, capturing the imagination across ages and artistic disciplines. Table of Contents Introduction • Birth and early days • War years • London and Paris • The return • Influences • A new beginning and… • …A happy ending • Emerging artist • Publishing The Black Bear • Posters • Picture books • All change • Miffy returns • Writer and illustrator • The studio life of the artist


作者介紹 Bruce Ingman Bruce Ingman turned to book illustration after teaching art in several colleges. His first book, When Martha’s Away, won the National Art Library Award and the prestigious Mother Goose Award.


書名 / Dick Bruna
作者 / Bruce Ingman Ramona Reihill
簡介 / Dick Bruna:‘Formillionsofchildren,DickBruna’sbooksarethefirsttheywillencounter.Theydon’tknowhowluckytheyare’MichaelBondThislatestinstalmentinTheIllustrator
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