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內容簡介 1.Improve student learning outcomes using Connect our easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results. 2.Incorporate recent developments in management theory and research with current examples of how managers of companies large and small have responded to changes taking place in business. 3.Infuse real managers who brought about change within their organization using their Manager as a Person feature allowing students to see real-life on-the-job challenges.


作者介紹 ■作者簡介Gareth Jones現職:Texas A & M UniversityJennifer George現職:Rice University


產品目錄 PART I: MANAGEMENTCh 1 Managers and ManagingCh 2 The Evolution of Management ThoughtCh 3 Values, Attitudes, Emotions, and Culture: The Manager as a PersonPART II: THE ENVIRONMENT OF MANAGEMENTCh 4 Ethics and Social ResponsibilityCh 5 Managing Diverse Employees in a Multicultural EnvironmentCh 6 Managing in the Global EnvironmentPART III: DECISION MAKING, PLANNING, AND STRATEGYCh 7 Decision Making, Learning, Creativity, and EntrepreneurshipCh 8 The Manager as a Planner and StrategistCh 9 Value Chain Management: Functional Strategies for Competitive AdvantagePART IV: ORGANIZING AND CONTROLLINGCh 10 Managing Organizational Structure and CultureCh 11 Organizational Control and ChangeCh 12 Human Resource ManagementPART V: LEADING INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPSCh 13 Motivation and PerformanceCh 14 LeadershipCh 15 Effective Groups and TeamsPART VI: MANAGING CRITICAL ORGANIZATIONAL PROCESSESCh 16 Promoting Effective CommunicationCh 17 Managing Conflict, Politics, and NegotiationCh 18 Using Advanced Information Technology to Increase Performance

Contemporary Management (10 Ed.):1.ImprovestudentlearningoutcomesusingConnectoureasy-to-usehomeworkandlearningmanagementsolutionthatembedslearningscienceandawa

書名 / Contemporary Management (10 Ed.)
簡介 / Contemporary Management (10 Ed.):1.ImprovestudentlearningoutcomesusingConnectoureasy-to-usehomeworkandlearningmanagementsolutionthatembedslearningscienceandawa
作者 / Gareth Jones Jennifer George
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