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The Final Case

作者 David Guterson
出版社 Penguin Random House LLC
商品描述 The Final Case:【特權、正義與人生真諦銀髮律師的終結戰】以《愛在冰雪紛飛時》獲得美國筆會福克納獎的大衛.古特森,再次挑戰法庭小說!西雅圖八旬刑事律師羅約退休前接


內容簡介 特權、正義與人生真諦 銀髮律師的終結戰以《愛在冰雪紛飛時》獲得美國筆會福克納獎的大衛.古特森,再次挑戰法庭小說!西雅圖八旬刑事律師羅約退休前接下最後一樁案件。白人夫妻戴文與貝慈.哈維是保守的基要派基督徒。一個下著大雨的深夜,他們領養的衣索比亞女孩死在住家後門外的幾英尺遠處——哈維夫婦被控謀殺。羅約沒有駕照,開庭前兒子開車載著他四處查訪,做辯護的準備⋯From the award-winning, best-selling author of Snow Falling on Cedars—a moving father-son story that is also a taut courtroom drama and a bold examination of privilege, power, and how to live a meaningful life.A girl dies one late, rainy night a few feet from the back door of her home. The girl, Abeba, was born in Ethiopia. Her adoptive parents, Delvin and Betsy Harvey—conservative, white fundamentalist Christians—are charged with her murder. Royal, a Seattle criminal attorney in the last days of his long career, takes Betsy Harvey’s case. An octogenarian without a driver’s license, he leans on his son—the novel’s narrator—as he prepares for trial. So begins The Final Case, a bracing, astute, and deeply affecting examination of justice and injustice—and familial love. David Guterson’s first courtroom drama since Snow Falling on Cedars, it is his most compelling and heartfelt novel to date."


作者介紹 DAVID GUTERSON is the author of several novels: the national best seller Snow Falling on Cedars; East of the Mountains; Our Lady of the Forest, a New York Times Notable Book and a Los Angeles Times Best Book of the Year; The Other; and Ed King. He is also the author of two story collections, two books of poetry, a memoir, and the work of nonfiction Family Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, he lives in Washington state.


書名 / The Final Case
作者 / David Guterson
簡介 / The Final Case:【特權、正義與人生真諦銀髮律師的終結戰】以《愛在冰雪紛飛時》獲得美國筆會福克納獎的大衛.古特森,再次挑戰法庭小說!西雅圖八旬刑事律師羅約退休前接
出版社 / Penguin Random House LLC
ISBN13 / 9780525521327
ISBN10 / 0525521321
EAN / 9780525521327
誠品26碼 / 2682105390002
頁數 / 272
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 21X14.3X1.9CM
級別 / N:無